I can take apart a remote control and I can almost put it back together.

If I ever finished everything that I needed to finish… what would I post about?

Cali to the A, we speedin’ on the freeway… Look at me, look at me, hands in the air like it’s good to be… alive.

Progress draws progress and patience sits patient, you flow with the inside of the inner circles, you don’t know what to do or where to go, you keep on knowing what you know, oh I don’t know… oh I don’t know.

v1 versionzer0.

Friday – worked until 7. Blank spot after that.

Saturday – worked from 8 to 4. Spent most of the day giving tours and trying to figure out what direction to go in. Weather: HOT. After: Sushi at Mizu with Maria & Trent. Mizu is still the numero uno sushi joint in all of SD (in my opinion). VIP seating and people watching made the food taste even better. We also noticed that THE MOTHS ARE BACK. I hate the moths. They get into my apartment and flap like bats. They scare me. Screw you, moths.

Sabbat, accompanied by Jason. The place was empty at 11 (upon our arrival) and somewhat awkward. The beat was off and neither of us really wanted to be there. Met up with Daisy & Eric. Discovery: it is difficult to dance in flats. Secondary discovery: I still love dancing, but not to Goth Musik. Whatever playlist they were running should have been wiped clean of Du Hast and Closer. Oh wait, it wasn’t Closer, it was just some song that flat stole the infamous beat and put some crap yelling over it. Winner! Anyway, I was painfully sober and realized Air Conditioned would have been a better choice. Either that or maybe another Saturday, one with more patrons and whatever music they played at the 10-year anniversary. It just seemed like there was an abundance of newly-turned-21s and weirdness.

Sunday – Slept until 1500. AWESOME. Daisy showed up around 1800 and succumbed to my craving for Dairy Queen Goodness. I’m freaking lactose intolerant, I knew what I was in for. That peanut buster parfait (with chocolate ice cream) was so worth it. Then we went to Ichiban (on the rocks), Trader Joe’s (my first trip in there ever), and finished up at Whole Foods. Got to listen to some chit-chat about an upcoming event in the leather scene, and saw a girl from my past. Of course I didn’t say hello because I didn’t know for certain if it *was* her, but a quick convo via MySpace confirmed it. Yay for Kitty.

Today – bills to pay, errands to run, cleaning to do. Relaxation to attend to as well, I do enjoy Mondays for that.

In other news, we are looking for a new spot to move to. The beach scene has pretty much killed my love for the actual beach. Since house-buying probably won’t happen in under a year, my sanity needs to be saved and we need to GTFO. This is frustrating but A) the neighbors won’t give me peace, B) the landlord won’t put in double-paned windows, so C) I need to do something about this. Five years is enough already. Of course Hillcrest/Mission Hills is my spot of choice, but it’s tough. A large one-bedroom under $1100/monthly, that comes with parking, no drama and a decent neighborhood within 10 minutes of my job. HOW HARD CAN THIS BE.

Oh yeah, the Nigerian/West African/South African scammers have moved on to not just spam, but putting up houses for rent. Awesome.