Daily Zen

A more appropriate title will be forthcoming. For now, that fits.
It’s my blog, I may keep that title. So there.

Just a little bit of daily routine, shared with all y’all, in hopes that it might add a little zest of zen to your lives.

When it’s almost time for bed:

This site reminded me to clean up after myself (although I’ve been much better lately). For those of you who eat in front of your computer (or tv), go put your food trash/dirty dishes in the kitchen. Where it goes.

-Put away your shoes. Just do it. It sucks, but just do it. You can grab them on your way back from putting away your stuff in the kitchen and toss them in the closet/shoe basket/shoe rack. Then, surprisingly, you’ll know where they are in the morning. It may take a couple days but suddenly you realize that shoes have homes and those homes are the only logical place they belong when not in use.

-Stretch. One or two good full body stretches will get you comfy and ready for sleep.

-Go to bed half an hour earlier than you normally would. This way you’re probably asleep before you would have normally even gone to bed. Seriously, I know some of you (including me) have an Internet addiction, but you know roughly how long your daily e-rounds take. If you start doing those rounds a little earlier that’s helps, and for the love of all that is holy don’t get sucked into surfing Myspace, Facebook or Livejournal when it’s getting close to bedtime. No matter what, just try not to surf endlessly into the wee hours of the morning. Perhaps end your rounds at an inspiring site, a daily quote site or something that is not constantly updated. Bonus points if it’s a health/fitness site, maybe you’ll be inspired to do some yoga in the morning. 😉

-Read in bed if you want, or maybe play some mediation music to fall asleep. Nothing crazy, just some nice nature sounds or maybe monks chanting if you like that sort of thing. SomaFm.com has 2 great playlists (Groove Salad & Drone Zone) that can help you pass out.

-Bonus points if you get up a little earlier than normal due to feeling more rested (hopefully from going to bed earlier)!

Have a good night, everyone.