Just go. Look. Love! So amazing. I love my friend. 🙂


O frabjous day!

Tomorrow, [9/22/12], my lovely friend of many years, Miss Lindsay Morgan Lockhart, will be getting married to a guy who loves her for much the same reasons I do: she is a wonderful, crazy, goofy, geeky, awesome person that is adorable beyond words.  It goes without saying that I am extraordinarily bummed I can’t attend – finances weren’t there, then when finances were available it was too late to request time off of work.

Morgan and I at a wedding in April 2012

This girl and I have been through many crazy adventures, and she helped set the foundation of the person I am today.  She has saved my butt numerous times, and will always be a person worth knowing.  Morgan is made of adjectives that haven’t even been made yet, so it’s a good thing she writes lore, because she can make them up.  Yes, you can click all these photos to make ’em bigger, so do that.

At a Havasupai House party somewhere in the neighborhood of more than five and less than ten years ago.

We went to a lot of clubs, and had a lot of good times.  If there’s anyone that can be counted on to keep the party going, it’s Morgan.  I love her bunches for it.

Club Sabbat in the Shooterz days

She was able to make it to my wedding and spent the whole time dancing her face off with her now-almost-husband, Matt.  They are both great dancers, which is a requirement of my Super Homies.  😉


disposable camera shot, woot

I got her invite/RSVP/artistic awesomeness in the mail and it was A GOLDEN TICKET, y’all.  No, seriously!  Epic design win.  If there’s one thing I love more than a good friend, it’s a good friend who knows design and typography.  Yes, I am guilty of not returning the RSVP because I wanted to keep the whole thing in my SoCal scrapbook.  [Sorry!]

Basically the best invite I’ve ever gotten.

She’s having a quirky, fun, robotic, colorful, steampunkish wedding ceremony in Seattle at Gasworks Park, with a reception following at a yacht club.  Her dress…. oh man.  It’s gonna be awesome. This is gonna be a great, great time.

She just did a blog entry about this madness; go look at it.  GO NOW!  What’s not to love?  Look how happy they are.  🙂  I’ve seen this in person; it’s not just for photo ops.  Her guy really does make her happy, really and truly, and it’s the sweetest thing ever.  I’m super happy for her and wish her nothing but the best.

Matt, you got a winner.  Trust me on this.  🙂

Morgan, thank you for being a fantastic friend all these years.  I’m going to steal a line I heard at a toast: “May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future.”  Cheers to both of you, and may all your quests give only epic rewards.


Just A Moment

Last night on the way home from work I got the urge to paint.  That urge had been preceded by a rather strong urge to make small crafty things from paper.  Perhaps a paper dollhouse or tiny village (definitely Halloween-centric).  It’s all the Bloggess’ fault.

It’s been quite awhile since my last foray into painting – even my brushes were still hard with old paint, quietly being irritated inside their travel bag.  There hasn’t been any sort of desire lately to paint, or draw, or do much of anything besides sleep or eat, so this upswing yesterday was a welcome one.

I’ve been trying to jump start my creative juices by doodling at work, but even that doesn’t happen.  The random circular patterns, the happy faces, even sketching my name …it just wasn’t anything I wanted to do.  Last weekend (by which I mean the weekend prior) I went to the Phoenix area to get a mental break and also have good times with friends.  It didn’t work out exactly as planned, but it was a nice trip that was much needed.  I look forward to the next time.  The art scene is great out there, but the weather was a bit too rough for this heat-sensitive chick, so …another time.

Prior to last night, it had been about a month since my last attempt at art.  At home, my goal was to find any miniature supplies we might have hanging around the house and start painting those again, but they were nowhere to be found so that idea was scrapped.  I ended up revisiting a sketch I’d already done on an 18″x24″ canvas, and allowing myself an hour before bed to work on priming and background.

Why yes, you CAN follow drnkbnny on Instagram.

I always wish for a higher quality camera, but you get what you get.  My goal is to make all my acrylic look like watercolor, and this is starting to go the route I want.  Cross your fingers it does, because I don’t want to scrap it.

In other news I finally got print prices, and am almost at a point where I have both the time and energy to get all that stuff online.  I feel badly for pushing off anyone for so many months, but life has been weird and exhausting.  The depression is kicking my butt, and it’s really all I can do some days to get out of bed.  I was involved in at least three very serious projects that were draining all my energy, and the madness of July truly made me take a step back into solitude.  I find myself not wanting to give any more of my time, my Me-ness, any time soon.  It’s a healing process, but it worries me that it will go on for months into years.

The one good thing is that my health has been greatly stabilizing …just in time for CABO which is 38 days away!  Woo.  🙂

So… that’s what’s up with me.  Hopefully this small step (of the painting above) will get me going again.  A friend suggested I try abstract just to basically get moving until I get a groove back, but it might be time for more visits to the ocean first.

The ocean takes a surprising amount of mental energy to visit, but it’s nice weather, so why not.  Live a little, right?

Stay Happy

Every so often, work gets under my skin.  My job overall is not difficult, but there are just days when all I want to do is flip a table.  Or a person.

It hasn’t been a great week.  There have been lots of little frustrations piling up.  You know how that goes: the contract doesn’t have the signature, the insurance has expired, the person in charge of doing whatever just doesn’t feel like returning your call, somebody’s behind on payment…all the things that make work “Work” and not just somewhere you get paid to hang out at (which is how it feels when it’s a good day).

That said, it feels nice to hear good things from the tenants, and I’d like to share them with you.

A few months ago someone told me that they’d been all up and down the western US coastline, and I was an anomaly in marinas (in reference to friendliness and professionalism).

An anomaly!  As in a”deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule”.

Note: do not do an image search for the word anomaly.  Trust me on this.

Let’s go with ‘unicorn’. Those are pleasant.

You guys, that is SO NICE.  Apparently there is some stigma that people who work in marinas are old, salty, and have better things to do than care about getting new business…and that’s just silly.  I – for the most part – love my tenants.  They’re awesome, and make my life entertaining.

Today, another couple – visiting us from Dana Point for the summer – stopped in to say hello and to drop off a thank you card for me, which is basically one of the single quickest ways to brighten my entire day.  They let me know how happy they were with my service, and said that the people up at Dana Point could take some lessons from me, which is completely amazing.

Add that to another couple this week who said they’re going to get a long term slip at our marina solely because of my awesomeness, and that is truly flattering.

I’ve been given thank you cards and gifts, not something I ever angle for, but for someone to tell me that they want to come here because of me?  Or write a note to my boss about what a good person I am?  It’s fantastic, it’s indescribable, it’s the best.  It reminds me that I do love my job – something that I know not everyone can say at close to six years, that is something impressive.  It’s what I go back to when things get frustrating, or irritating, or just downright awful.  It’s why I’m always nice to people – because you get that niceness back (usually).  It takes less energy and doesn’t hurt ANYTHING by being pleasant.  It typically always works out in your favor as well, so why not, right?

The point here is that I don’t ever like to brag or talk about how great I am (excluding in goofy sarcastic fashion), but that stuff just honestly is incomparable.I wanted to share my happy glow with all of you, and if I can inspire someone out there to brighten someone else’s day, then my work here is done.  🙂

Have a good one.


I love this.

into mind

I think bedrooms, more than any other room in the house, should be free from clutter  and have a super calm, puristic and relaxing atmosphere. For my next apartment I want crisp white sheets and a low bed.

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