i’ve been online since ’96 and have been writing since …before that. this blog is one of my many, but one i always return to.

what about me? i’m a girl that grew up in and around pittsburgh, and transplanted to san diego in august of 2001. essentially that makes me a local, or if it doesn’t, it definitely means i’m not just here for the tourist season.

i’m not always happy, but i don’t try to be the rain on everyone’s parade.

there isn’t really a theme. i’ll hop around often: writing about domestic things, life, cats, work, books, art, crafts, being creative, health, fitness, mental health issues, food, local places. you’ll get rambles about whatever strikes my fancy. hopefully you’ll enjoy your visits enough to come back regularly – in return, i’ll do my best at providing regular content that doesn’t go too hard on the eyes or the brain.

i make things, too. that started about 30 years ago for me. it’s fun. if you want me to make you something, drop me a line: larissa dot r dot horvath at gmail, or visit me at SayItWithStyle.biz.

                  ::: In Memory of My Gram : August 28, 1923 – July 17, 2012 :::

My gram’s birthday is August 29.  Every year, no matter how broke I was, I’d send flowers and candy and fun things to brighten her day. 2012 was the first year I wouldn’t be doing that (although every year I would struggle to remember if it was the 28th or the 29th). It makes me really sad, and it doesn’t help that I keep getting reminders from Proflowers.  For longer details, https://pantherqueen.wordpress.com/2012/07/20/remembering-gram.

ANYWAY, one thing that would make her happier than flowers was something to help out animals – specifically dogs. Fluffy little puppies, yippy dogs with too much hair, you know…cute munchkin puppies.

For anyone that feels so inclined, go donate to your local shelter or local branch of the Humane Society International. Drop a couple quarters in the bin, make an anonymous donation, whatever you feel. And maybe while you’re at it, hug some dogs or cats.  Maybe adopt some.

If you donate…  and if you email me receipts or screenshots showing you have made a donation to the Humane Society “in honor of Mrs. Larine J. Reed”, I’ll hook you up with a special, unique, tiny piece of art. Not only can you write off your donation, but you’ll be helping animals AND getting some art.  Everybody wins.

Do it for Gram!


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