Them Orange Handcuffs

I had the My Pet Monster. I had the cuffs. And this is AWESOME.


Let Us Take A Moment To Raise Our Glasses

Hi!  Hey, how’s it going?  Good?  Great.  I’d like to take a moment to talk about something fun (to switch it up), and do a shout-out.  A birthday shoutout, even.  You see, my friend has deactivated her Facebook BUT I’m still going to write a post and then link it on my Facebook because there are quite a few of our mutual friends there, and I still want to share the love with the Internets.  🙂

ANYWAY.  Story time!

Once upon a time there was this girl who liked to dance.  She was like…five, or some such crap.  [Look, it’s what you do in PA. You go to dance class. You wear the feathers.]

That girl’s name was Maria.


I too enjoy dancing (and had to wear an equally horrendous spangled outfit), but that’s not why we met.  We met because we grew up in a town of like sixty people, and our moms went to high school together.  (This is not a Your Mom joke, so shut up.)  Anyway, we met when we were in ….first grade, I think.  I distinctly recall being in sixth grade together but it gets kind of fuzzy then and I’m about three feet tall in the photo below so let’s just call it first grade.

We met, and she was awesome, and we went to places like Sea World together.


We did other stuff together that kids do.  Painting and such.  Here we are being very serious about painting pumpkins.  The focus! The intensity! The …  Don’t fight the fashion. Don’t act like you don’t want both a jean jacket and an Aliquippa sweatshirt because you know you do.


So, me and this Maria chick got along pretty well.  We went on a crapload of adventures. Some of them involved stuff like pony riding and being very serious about petting zoos.


I didn’t enjoy all the parts of the petting zoo, but it was still pretty fun.


Time passed, grades passed, and oh yeah we were in the same homeroom for all four years of high school (not to mention we were in the BEST homeroom).  I’m third from the left and she’s second from the right, and again, please pay attention to ALL the glorious 90’s attire.


School continued, and we kept going on adventures – we went to Cedar Point! We got sunburned! It was awesome! We all wore scrunchies and some of us opted to look like a crackhead in the photos.


We graduated in 1999, because that was a great year, and I’d also like to take a moment to send love to my other ’99 Band Crew.  🙂

Maria and I kept in touch, and time passed.

Fast forward to when she came out to San Diego to visit me (in 2006ish?).  I introduced her to a friend of mine, and then a couple years later introduced her to another friend of mine who would be taking their engagement photos.

Her wedding was at the Bellagio in Vegas in 2009, and it was awesome.  I did the wedding makeup for her and her maid of honor – not like they even needed any, but it’s a weddin’. You get dolled up. 🙂

The event was amazing.


We partied a whole freaking lot.

All of us partied, even Jason.

More time passed, and she got all glammed up and came to my wedding in 2011.


She’s always super classy, in case you didn’t know.


We generally are always really freaking fabulous, also in case you didn’t know.


Her mom made little candies as favors for my wedding, which was both thoughtful and delicious.


We still have adventures!  She partied with me in Phoenix, one of my favorite cities during the months of November to February, and introduced me to a whole crew of people who (like her) are extra fabulous.


So, the short version is that this chick is SUPER EPIC ULTRA MEGA FANTASTIC, and I am happy that we are still friends, and need the whole internet to wish her a happy birthday.  We may not have a ton of photos together, but that’s because it’s hard to take them and be in them at the same time.  😉

Happy birthday to one of my favorite yinzers.  Here’s to many more shenanigans, you crazy broad.  Muahahaha!


Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Titles

Every time I clean the house, I want to tell the internet.  HEY!  Hey, my house is clean! Okay, it’s not pristine but… but I’ve done things.  Adult things.  It’s cool.

Last night I reactivated my Pinterest account, and that was kind of fun.  Everybody likes bookmarking, right?  This gives you pictures as well.  That’s nice.  Browsing boards and updating my own stuff got me remembering how much I enjoy healthy eating (veggies om nom nom), so looking through the pictures inspired me to make a big list of groceries to buy.

Today I went and bought the groceries, am working on meal plans for the week (because you can’t eat good food if you don’t buy it first), cleaned the kitchen (!!!), reorganized the utility area by the washer-dryer (!!!!!!!!!!), updated the cats’ litter area (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and put things in the shed (NO PUNCTUATION AVAILABLE).  [FYI, I am terrified of our shed.]

Uh, then I actually put all my groceries away, threw out the old crap in the fridge, cleaned off my desk, and am now getting ready to crochet another cup cozy for J’s coworker.

Woot, I crocheted it! Crotch-et-ed. That’s how we pronounce it because we’re classy. Heyyy it’s a thing I made and it’s functional. Aw yeah.

We don’t have a pantry but I’m planning on reorganizing our storage areas (which are um, not really much of any storage areas).  On top of the fridge, in the hutch, one big drawer, and the shelves on the microwave stand.  I guess that will help me keep on top of what’s available to make and also make it easier to make.

That might not have made sense, but whatever.

In other news, I’m trying to cope with the mental madhouse my brain has become. It feels like lots of little birds are trying to build nests, take flight, and kill each other. And they’re all telling me how awful I am.  I’m not coping really well with all the stress lately.

Anyway, at least my kitchen is clean.


Have a great night.