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The winds of change…

Halloween, barely a memory even a week later, has given way to thoughts of holiday tidings, festive parties, and travel plans to see families in other states or countries. I am feeling overwhelmed and a little frightened.

Things are changing for me, and there is no way to stop it. This may be the eye of the storm for my quarter-life crisis.


The title for this is inspired by one of my art connections; an LA-based artist (definitely worth checking out, by the way). The actual piece itself began to form during an adventure in ritual: The Annual Wardrobe Switch.

Actually that’s a bit of a lie – the original idea occurred shortly after I’d arrived at work a few mornings ago. I was searching for something in my purse, an undertaking that usually requires flashlights, a team of archaeologists and two midgets. My purse is not large (especially by today’s Hollywood satchel standards), however it seems like the small space allows just as much clutter to accumulate in a more compact fashion. I can’t even zip the stupid thing shut most of the time.

The whole thing could be solved by the simple task of better organizational skills. It’s really an easy solution, but one that takes a huge effort to accomplish. For those of you who’ve seen my car (or apartment), you understand that some of us may need more than a gentle nudge.

With the solution being so readily available, one might forget that there are often other aspects to be factored in. Busy schedules, illness, depression, anxiety, hoarding, procrastination – it all makes up the puzzle as to Why Not? We all have our trusty cache of excuses on hand, but it takes a strong will to actually Just Clean It Up.

In case you had it in the back of your mind, this article could definitely be one form of procrastination. Just blog about the problem and it will go away. However at the time of this original writing, I was getting a few sentences down between calls during work, so it wasn’t as if I could just go outside immediately and start tossing the junk out of my car. It was more of a form of relaxation since the first half hour of calls resulted in some cranky folk.

Going back to when I arrived at work – I appear to have digressed from the original point of this: plastic.

In searching through my purse (and finding the necessary item), I decided to toss some of the garbage that had accumulated. This also meant going through my wallet, and when things were organized properly I noticed a large collection of plastic cards. My driver’s license, debit card, credit card, gas card, and AAA card were just a few of a similar collection of small plastic cards. There was a sudden sense of paranoia and obsession. Our lives are being governed by these small pieces of plastic!

Don’t have cash? Just pull some money from the ATM. Purchases can be made with a swipe and a signature. It’s easy enough… easy enough to wreak some serious havoc in a person’s life. What happens if you lose those card? Forgot your pin (or had it stolen, heaven forbid)? Just swipe a credit card. What, can’t find your ID? You might have a tough time getting people to accept that credit card. Anyone that looks young is going to have a problem even getting in to certain establishments without that ID as well.

Another really embarrassing moment is the one that happens to everyone but no one admits: “DECLINED”. Not just on credit cards, but worse, on debit cards. We’ve all been there at some point, and if you haven’t yet, you will. Even if you have money in your account there are always the rare occurencs where cards haven’t been activated, or some sort of bank error. What about if you’ve just gotten pulled over? A regular ID probably won’t cut it – you’d better have your driver’s license ready (not to mention your proof of insurance and registration papers).

I could go on, but have to cut this short at the moment.

In other news… now that my purse is in order, the logical effect is to promptly forget where everything is.