Adulthood, and Things That Make Me Seem Old

Me: Female. Mid-twenties (okay, late twenties). Short. Curvy.

You know what that means, right?

It means that everywhere I go, I have this intense urge to scream things like “Cut your hair!” and “Pull up your pants!” and “You’re a boy, why are you wearing skintight girls’ jeans?”

It also means that my body is no longer the body of a teenager. This is something that my brain is very slowly coming to terms with. I eat a pretty healthy selection of stuff (usually), my life isn’t totally sedentary, and my job affords me the freedom of not being chained to my desk. In any case, the point of all this is that the phrase “Muffin Top” is one that strikes fear into my heart while my gut sits there silently, reminiscing about that tasty half a cake it forced me to devour.

CupCate is a new-to-me blogger and her stuff is funny and well written. She’s witty and girlish and lives in freaking LONDON (transplanted from NorCal). This means she is going on my bookmarks, and hopefully you’ll all do the same.

Anyway, her article is what sparked my thoughts:



Social Networking comes full circle….

…and it’s starting to close in on me.

Just discovered FriendFeed, which basically takes all your online personas and puts ’em into a nice lineup. It takes my little obsession with lists and makes me feel more ADD, and then reminds me that I make lists for more reasons than just to have them.

I’m basically trying to go fully digital – you guys should see the major contact/music consolidation projects I’ve got going. Sheesh.

Anyway, I haven’t toyed with FF enough yet to see how well it suits me as far as interaction goes, but it seems okay. At the rate the Internet is going, people won’t really need personal pages anymore. You just link them to your Myspace/Facebook/Twitter…… or in this case, FriendFeed, which is slowly taking *over* Twitter, ever since the ‘view replies’ function broke.