Socialization, tutorials, and attention.

I took the day off work because of this cough that’s been plaguing me for about a week now. Last night was pretty bad; hours worth of coughing, and once it was time for sleep, that didn’t happen either. Every time unconsciousness would start to claim me, a violent coughing fit would start. We’re talking maybe three hours of sleep here, and this whole thing is really taking a toll on my body.

A day of rest, hopefully no talking, orange juice and whatever cough suppressant is available at CVS – that’s my Thursday. In a quick recap, my week has been: biking yesterday (about 4 miles), learning that classes are suspended until further notice, thinking of reallocating the finances I allotted for that into the house fund, agreeing to volunteer for an art project with the Museum down in Balboa Park, and another work mixer last night (at work). It was good, there was lobster, and despite coughing my lungs out I had a nice time.

It’s really grey and cool out; I will go back to bed after going to pick up those items, but I wanted to share today’s random linkage with you guys:
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Chrome digitalis
Google creates a browser called Chrome (not yet live) and presented it in comic form. No beta yet.

See full details here:

Since my interests now have gone back to the tech/social-networking side of things, this is an interesting read for me. I have to wonder what the sad face means (haven’t really delved in fully yet), as I am browsing online while currently in the queue for my fourth run of EoTS. We’ve won two out of three so far (go Horde), so that’s kind of nice. I’m just farming honor and don’t really know why. PvP isn’t really my thing, but it’s a nice break from the monotony of what I’ve been doing for the past several years.

Back to Chrome: I particularly liked the monkeys. 🙂

It seems they’re beta-testing a pre-beta, or something like that. My immense hunger beast (which will soon be soothed by this delicious delivery from Pita Pit) is making it hard to think properly. In any case, I am impressed and will probably use it secondarily for awhile, until it becomes second nature, and then replaces Firefox for me.