The House That Fluff Built

I finally, FINALLY have a moment to sit down, write, and drink my coffe– NO! NO GET DOWN! STOP IT KITTY STOP!!! KITTIES WHAT ARE YOU DOING KITTIES STAHP


As I was saying.  A moment to myself.  Remember when silence in the house used to be comforting?  Right.  If a kitty goes into the bedroom and no one is around to watch them, do they still push things onto the floor?  ABSOLUTELY.

We got them around the 10th of December.  Since then things have been a whirlwind. Having them around has helped my depression, though I’m not sure if it’s just because OMGKITTENS or because they keep me so busy I don’t have time to ruminate.

They’ve been a blast though. Pris spent several days tricking us into thinking that she was a cuddler, until she woke up one morning and decided to tear around the house. She hasn’t stopped demonizing since.

Right around the time we adopted them I noticed Brak doing a lot of this:

That, in case you’re wondering, is nothing.  Now, the kittens demanded a lot of attention.  We got them when they were less than three months old, so every night after work was spent making sure they weren’t destroying everything, and kitty-proofing the house.  Brak spent most of this time (about two weeks) alternating between being curled up on a footstool and curled up under the bed, in the position you see above.  I’d noticed (in between chasing down the other gatitos) that he was kind of ignoring his food.  I started monitoring his eating, and realized he wasn’t doing  much of that at all.  He also started to make a habit of this lovely retching dry heave a few times an hour, which isn’t real classy.

Brak is typically a thirteen pound cat.  He’s social, he’s dog-like, he’s cuddly and loving.  LOOK AT HIM!


Standin’ like people.

He’s 11, and I got him when he was about a month old.  It goes without saying that I love him; he is my favorite cat ever (yes, even now).  Mah behbeh!

The Thursday night before last I was able to spend some quality petpet time with him, and I promptly had the crap scared out of me noticing how bony he felt.  I called the vet as soon as possible the next morning, and they didn’t have an opening until the day after Christmas.  I began to have little panic attacks thinking he ate something he shouldn’t, and it was blocking something in him that was causing him to be sick.

The vet told me he was down to ten pounds, which equated to about a 30% body weight loss, and was dehydrated as well, then asked if I wanted to do an x-ray.  Despite the $480 invoice, of course I took that option.  Unfortunately the x-ray showed nothing other than slightly dark area in the small intestine, so they asked me if I wanted to do an ultrasound.  The revised first invoice went down to $395, and the ultrasound on top of it was $425.  Adding in some over-the-counter meds and prescription antibiotics, the grand total for Brak’s vet visit came to just slightly under a thousand dollars, OH EM EFF GEE.  And yes, I had planned for that money to go towards a new home PC and new Adobe software so I could start doing graphic design at home again and write it off under my business name.

Yeah, anyway.

The good news is that he didn’t need surgery because there was no obstruction and no tumor, the bad news is that his small intestine wasn’t moving so some of the loops were bigger than others and he was filled up with gas.  So now for the past five days I’ve gotten to give him medication (liquid and pill form) four times a day.  It’s just as fun as you think.  The great thing though is that he’s getting back to normal – he’s eating, drinking, and socializing again.  Today he seems kind of cranky, but that could be because the kittens are messing with him.

He also seems to be gaining weight again, so I’d like to get him in for a followup soon to see if it’s not just  my imagination.  Normally I don’t give him too many treats and he gets half a small bowl of food twice per day, but at the moment he can eat as much as he wants.  They shaved his tummy for the ultrasound, so his little bald inner haunches touch the floor when he’s sitting, which is hilarious.

So that’s where all that’s at.  It’s been hectic these past few weeks, and I’m in the mood to start painting again.  It’s not so easy to get started when the idea of Kittens Vs Paint isn’t the best one, but I’ve been doing some sketches.  Step 1, right?  Step 1.

Things I Have Learned From Having New Kittens
(in no particular order)
Sitting down to eat is not a good idea.
Sitting down and thinking you’re going to take your time eating is also not a good idea, unless you grow a third hand with which to shoo kittens away from your plate.
Small claws are still sharp.
You’ll get to play a daily game called “The Art of Feeding Time”, unless you want all your kitties to eat from one big pile.
Kitties can – and will, and do – steal food from each other.
If there is something you don’t want them to get into, they’ll get into it.
You can never put things up high enough.
All hanging items – string, yarn, robe belts, cords – are fair game.
You will sleep when they do, and not before.
You know how you have a certain position you need to be in to sleep?  Too bad.
Prime time Kitty Wrestling can only occur on your bed, during the hours you want to sleep.
If you mess with the Maow, you’ll get the claws.
Smallcat poops still smell like poops.
Laser pointers will save you.

But most importantly: Being Cute Will Get You Out Of Most Problems.


2 thoughts on “The House That Fluff Built

  1. Ervin Bishop says:

    You may be excited about bringing home a new kitten, but the other pets in your household may not be as happy. There are many things to consider and steps to take to keep your new “baby” safe.

  2. Larissa Horvath says:

    Trust me, I know. This whole Kitty Project has been almost too much to handle, but it’s worth it – they’re all awesome. Our first cat, Brak, joined our family when he was a month or two old, and since then I have loved him unconditionally. He’s the center of attention as much as possible, and I work hard to try and keep him calm and happy. Suddenly finding myself with two new cats (kittens, at that) has been a challenge. Still, all three cats are very spoiled, but we still love them all (even though the newbies are definitely an exercise in patience). In other news, Brak is doing much better these days – even though I’ve developed allergies. :\

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