It’s Not That Day

As a special holiday treat, I’ve linked one of my new favorite memes to the part in Louis CK’s skit where he actually says it.  But do yourself a favor and watch the whole ten minutes… and then go watch as many of his acts as you can find.  I especially love the bit about technology and flying in planes.
So. Right. Yesterday!  J and I went to another couple’s home. They’d cooked up three turkeys and a metric ton of other deliciousness.  Twelve+ hours later and I know I should eat *something*, but kind of am feeling better about just sitting here.  Blogging during a little break from the spreadsheets.  Raise your hand if you’re in an office today as well – and not a fun home office, but one of those ones with timeclocks.

I’d complain, but I really have no reason to.  Someone is paying me to be in a nice quiet office on the bay, to answer the phone if (not when) it rings (and today, thankfully and unsurprisingly, it isn’t), and to man the helm.  The counter.  The office.  Whatev.  It’s really not a bad thing.  I can catch up on paperwork and sit here in comfortable clothes, earning money.  Life isn’t terrible; there are much worse things in life than living in this moment.

That said, Black Friday can go right to hell.

I am NOT a fan.  Not a fan of Black Friday, or of most Holiday Season holidays, excluding the parts where you bake cookies and drink cocoa.  Let’s just leave it at that, lest this whole entry goes right to hell along with it.

Updates on me:  Outside of working my 40 hours, I haven’t had motivation or inspiration to do much besides sit at home and read until it’s time for bed.  I’m starting to feel a couple stirrings from my muse, who is presently in hibernation.  Maybe I’ll try to drown her in caffeine.  That sometimes seems to work and the weird health-related side effects are *almost* worth it  . It would be nice to have an upswing, as my mental state is currently on the 😦 side of things.

As Allie Brosh put it so succinctly: “It’s disappointing to feel sad for no reason.”

Sunshine? PAH! That’s for other people!

I haven’t gotten to the part where I rent movies or eat Skittles, but it feels okay to imagine that I’ll get there.

Geez, Debbie Downer.  Let’s talk about something else, okay?

I’ve been trying to think of fun things to do.  Not so much hobbies, as that would require more continuous energy than I have at the moment, but just little projects.  I started NaNoWriMo and stopped about 1800 words in.  There just was no more story in me, at least not on that train of thought.  I crafted a little top hat out of plastic canvas, and that was fun.  I doodled a little bit on some Post-Its and got a few ideas but haven’t followed through with them.

This weekend is what I consider An Allotted Wash.  You gorge yourself on way way way WAY too much food, and then you get a three day weekend to digest. Monday is one of my scheduled day off, so that’s when I’ll get off my butt and go for a walk. Maybe reorganize my office at home (or perhaps I’ll start that on Sunday).  But this weekend?  Yeah.  Nothin’.  It’s nice to be able to write some words again, even though this post is kind of off center.

Oh, I won at the last game of WordFeud.  That was good. 🙂

Hmm, how about perusing





How to turn a Hideous Freak Baby into a cute FrankenKitty!  That is the most awesome thing I’ve seen all week.

You win.











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