Thanks A Lot, WordPress

I was just going to make a post and had written somewhere in the neighborhood of ….oh, two pages…. and then it got eaten.  It’s not in drafts. That’s fine. Great.  So note to yourselves, if you’re on your actual blog (such as and then hit ‘new post’ up at the top right, and then you decide you want the window to pop out, it doesn’t save a draft.  You’ll click the little ‘pop out’ link there, and it pops open a new blank post window.  Even if you’ve written a bunch of words already.  Hey, that’s just GREAT.

Maybe I wasn’t talking about much. The weather (it’s my favorite kind), the people going by (hipsters and actors, seriously, there is an Actors Insight meeting across the way), the bougainvillea (it’s shedding)… you know, general stuff.  I just found out that a guy I’ve known since 2003ish just died.  It’s tripping me out kind of a lot.  I talked about how time is playing weird tricks with my mind.

But still, I wrote, and it came out nicely (all eight, nine hundred words or so), and now it’s gone and that is IRRITATING.  Hell hath no fury like a writer whose words get eaten.




2 thoughts on “Thanks A Lot, WordPress

  1. Tattooed Librarian says:

    I felt the same way when Vox moved to Typepad. Not that Vox didn’t have its share of posteating weirdness but typepad seemed to eat every thing I tried to post. I had hoped things would be better here.

    I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.

  2. Larissa Horvath says:

    Thank you on the condolences.

    Also… Vox! I really do miss Vox. It always seemed to boost my writing inspiration for some reason. You had a good blog on there as well, and it kind of bummed me out to go over to your blog now (on WP) and see your last post was from February, but based on the subject matter I completely understand.

    Hope all is well with you. Good to hear from you.

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