O frabjous day!

Tomorrow, [9/22/12], my lovely friend of many years, Miss Lindsay Morgan Lockhart, will be getting married to a guy who loves her for much the same reasons I do: she is a wonderful, crazy, goofy, geeky, awesome person that is adorable beyond words.  It goes without saying that I am extraordinarily bummed I can’t attend – finances weren’t there, then when finances were available it was too late to request time off of work.

Morgan and I at a wedding in April 2012

This girl and I have been through many crazy adventures, and she helped set the foundation of the person I am today.  She has saved my butt numerous times, and will always be a person worth knowing.  Morgan is made of adjectives that haven’t even been made yet, so it’s a good thing she writes lore, because she can make them up.  Yes, you can click all these photos to make ’em bigger, so do that.

At a Havasupai House party somewhere in the neighborhood of more than five and less than ten years ago.

We went to a lot of clubs, and had a lot of good times.  If there’s anyone that can be counted on to keep the party going, it’s Morgan.  I love her bunches for it.

Club Sabbat in the Shooterz days

She was able to make it to my wedding and spent the whole time dancing her face off with her now-almost-husband, Matt.  They are both great dancers, which is a requirement of my Super Homies.  😉


disposable camera shot, woot

I got her invite/RSVP/artistic awesomeness in the mail and it was A GOLDEN TICKET, y’all.  No, seriously!  Epic design win.  If there’s one thing I love more than a good friend, it’s a good friend who knows design and typography.  Yes, I am guilty of not returning the RSVP because I wanted to keep the whole thing in my SoCal scrapbook.  [Sorry!]

Basically the best invite I’ve ever gotten.

She’s having a quirky, fun, robotic, colorful, steampunkish wedding ceremony in Seattle at Gasworks Park, with a reception following at a yacht club.  Her dress…. oh man.  It’s gonna be awesome. This is gonna be a great, great time.

She just did a blog entry about this madness; go look at it.  GO NOW!  What’s not to love?  Look how happy they are.  🙂  I’ve seen this in person; it’s not just for photo ops.  Her guy really does make her happy, really and truly, and it’s the sweetest thing ever.  I’m super happy for her and wish her nothing but the best.

Matt, you got a winner.  Trust me on this.  🙂

Morgan, thank you for being a fantastic friend all these years.  I’m going to steal a line I heard at a toast: “May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future.”  Cheers to both of you, and may all your quests give only epic rewards.



2 thoughts on “O frabjous day!

  1. Le Clown says:

    Often when I read you I think: Her and I we’d be friends in real life. Good on you for harvesting such a friendship through the years.
    Le Clown

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