Just A Moment

Last night on the way home from work I got the urge to paint.  That urge had been preceded by a rather strong urge to make small crafty things from paper.  Perhaps a paper dollhouse or tiny village (definitely Halloween-centric).  It’s all the Bloggess’ fault.

It’s been quite awhile since my last foray into painting – even my brushes were still hard with old paint, quietly being irritated inside their travel bag.  There hasn’t been any sort of desire lately to paint, or draw, or do much of anything besides sleep or eat, so this upswing yesterday was a welcome one.

I’ve been trying to jump start my creative juices by doodling at work, but even that doesn’t happen.  The random circular patterns, the happy faces, even sketching my name …it just wasn’t anything I wanted to do.  Last weekend (by which I mean the weekend prior) I went to the Phoenix area to get a mental break and also have good times with friends.  It didn’t work out exactly as planned, but it was a nice trip that was much needed.  I look forward to the next time.  The art scene is great out there, but the weather was a bit too rough for this heat-sensitive chick, so …another time.

Prior to last night, it had been about a month since my last attempt at art.  At home, my goal was to find any miniature supplies we might have hanging around the house and start painting those again, but they were nowhere to be found so that idea was scrapped.  I ended up revisiting a sketch I’d already done on an 18″x24″ canvas, and allowing myself an hour before bed to work on priming and background.

Why yes, you CAN follow drnkbnny on Instagram.

I always wish for a higher quality camera, but you get what you get.  My goal is to make all my acrylic look like watercolor, and this is starting to go the route I want.  Cross your fingers it does, because I don’t want to scrap it.

In other news I finally got print prices, and am almost at a point where I have both the time and energy to get all that stuff online.  I feel badly for pushing off anyone for so many months, but life has been weird and exhausting.  The depression is kicking my butt, and it’s really all I can do some days to get out of bed.  I was involved in at least three very serious projects that were draining all my energy, and the madness of July truly made me take a step back into solitude.  I find myself not wanting to give any more of my time, my Me-ness, any time soon.  It’s a healing process, but it worries me that it will go on for months into years.

The one good thing is that my health has been greatly stabilizing …just in time for CABO which is 38 days away!  Woo.  🙂

So… that’s what’s up with me.  Hopefully this small step (of the painting above) will get me going again.  A friend suggested I try abstract just to basically get moving until I get a groove back, but it might be time for more visits to the ocean first.

The ocean takes a surprising amount of mental energy to visit, but it’s nice weather, so why not.  Live a little, right?


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