Stay Happy

Every so often, work gets under my skin.  My job overall is not difficult, but there are just days when all I want to do is flip a table.  Or a person.

It hasn’t been a great week.  There have been lots of little frustrations piling up.  You know how that goes: the contract doesn’t have the signature, the insurance has expired, the person in charge of doing whatever just doesn’t feel like returning your call, somebody’s behind on payment…all the things that make work “Work” and not just somewhere you get paid to hang out at (which is how it feels when it’s a good day).

That said, it feels nice to hear good things from the tenants, and I’d like to share them with you.

A few months ago someone told me that they’d been all up and down the western US coastline, and I was an anomaly in marinas (in reference to friendliness and professionalism).

An anomaly!  As in a”deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule”.

Note: do not do an image search for the word anomaly.  Trust me on this.

Let’s go with ‘unicorn’. Those are pleasant.

You guys, that is SO NICE.  Apparently there is some stigma that people who work in marinas are old, salty, and have better things to do than care about getting new business…and that’s just silly.  I – for the most part – love my tenants.  They’re awesome, and make my life entertaining.

Today, another couple – visiting us from Dana Point for the summer – stopped in to say hello and to drop off a thank you card for me, which is basically one of the single quickest ways to brighten my entire day.  They let me know how happy they were with my service, and said that the people up at Dana Point could take some lessons from me, which is completely amazing.

Add that to another couple this week who said they’re going to get a long term slip at our marina solely because of my awesomeness, and that is truly flattering.

I’ve been given thank you cards and gifts, not something I ever angle for, but for someone to tell me that they want to come here because of me?  Or write a note to my boss about what a good person I am?  It’s fantastic, it’s indescribable, it’s the best.  It reminds me that I do love my job – something that I know not everyone can say at close to six years, that is something impressive.  It’s what I go back to when things get frustrating, or irritating, or just downright awful.  It’s why I’m always nice to people – because you get that niceness back (usually).  It takes less energy and doesn’t hurt ANYTHING by being pleasant.  It typically always works out in your favor as well, so why not, right?

The point here is that I don’t ever like to brag or talk about how great I am (excluding in goofy sarcastic fashion), but that stuff just honestly is incomparable.I wanted to share my happy glow with all of you, and if I can inspire someone out there to brighten someone else’s day, then my work here is done.  🙂

Have a good one.



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