Ups and Downs

It’s been a strange month.  The mood swings aren’t letting up, it’s either sad-weepy-alone-time, or over-the-top-artsy-productivity.  I miss my friend Alicia and I miss my Gram.

This is a terribly ridiculous face I’m making, but she brings out the best of my ridiculousness.

I’m having a really hard time dealing with things. Maybe it’s the hormones, but it’s like I’ve lost two family members.  I don’t really want to discuss it much in a public forum but damn, I miss them.  It’s harder with Alicia because she *is* alive, and she lives very close by.  We just don’t have any contact right now for a variety of reasons, and it makes me sadder than words can explain.

So… I will take another deep breath and send all the good energy I can.

In better news, my health is on the upswing.  One bright spot is that my otolaryngologist said that he doesn’t want to see me again, unless things get progressively worse.  I went biking today for the first time in I can’t remember how long and it was a half hour of total goodness.  Exhausting, but great.

My passport appointment went well, and there are currently 67 DAYS TO CABO SAN AWESOME.  This is amazing.  I want a long flowing lightweight white linen dress and a big floppy hat to wear while frolicking on the beach.  This will happen (the hat is already on my head), just picture it.  Someone get me a tiny umbrella and a fruity drink!

There have been lots of books in front of my face lately.  The Last Stormlord, The Summoner, and most recently my friend Steve asked me to beta-read his new zompocalypse novel, Shuffle (Brains, Flesh, & Automatic Weapons).  He’s about 200 pages in and for a first draft, it’s pretty freaking good.  I’m not the world’s biggest zombie/apocalyptic/end-of-the-world story fan, but it was a good read.

Reading is nice. It takes my mind off of things… as does making art.  I was sorting through old photos and ran across some old photos of my PTI classmates, and was pleased to see that I’d actually written their last names on the backs.  My googleFu kicked in and I was even more pleased to find that one of my uber-talented friends is still talented, and here’s his stuff. Go lookit:

monsters are people too

It was cool to find him because A) he was one of the good guys and B) it reminds me of my artistic roots.  Not that my whole family was made entirely of artists or anything, but hanging out with the people from college always inspired me to keep going.  There was some major talent running through the veins of my friends, and those sorts of people are nice to be around.  It’s fun watching someone else be engrossed in the creative process.

Speaking of the creative process, I was able to get my paintings digitized, after MUCH searching/pleading/settling for photography instead of a large flatbed scanner which is nowhere to be found. This means that you can buy super cheap prints from me if you like something I’ve done. 🙂  The shipping is kind of a beast, but hey, I can get the prints onto paper or canvas, so … yay!

!!!!!! CLICK IT !!!!!! THERE’S MORE !!!!!! I PROMISE !!!!!!


Oh yeah, and I’ve been sketching a lot.  You can follow me on Instagram if you want. I hope you want.

He got transferred to an 18″x24″ canvas. Should be fun to paint. If you click him, you can see more.





2 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. cristycarringtonlewis says:

    Sorry to hear about your losses, both living and otherwise. Sometimes it’s harder when a friendship unravels because you can’t blame the separation on death. I’ve lost a few friends in my day, but only when I’ve realized that the person I knew and loved no longer existed. I hope that’s not the case here, but people change and not always for the better.

    On my front, I’m doing a blog makeover – new name, new look – and I’ve created a blog roll page and you’re on it. What does this mean? Erm, probably nothing more than I enjoy you as a writer and as an artist.

    • Larissa Horvath says:

      It’s rough. With my friend… it’s mostly due to religious issues, but also some mental health issues. It’s a very tough thing for me to deal with. :\


      Thank you for adding me. That means you are awesome (which I already knew). 🙂

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