Art and Domesticity and Somebody Turn My Brain Off

Insert preferred greeting according to localized time and colloquialisms.

It’s been a rough month.  My brain has been busy working on carefully compartmentalizing (aka blocking out) the time from the 9th to the 23rd of July 2012, but I’m not ready to even publicly think about that yet, let alone discuss it.

You know how when you’re on direct deposit you typically get a copy of your pay stub?  Well, I just found out that my PTO got messed up and my paycheck was short by roughly the amount I budget for food and gas during a pay period, so if somebody wants to send me some money I will make them some art.  This means all you do is covers shipping costs and then kick me back whatever you feel you can afford over that price.

This means I will make you a Limited Edition Custom Thing until I run out of canvas (I have four right now).

So if you want an 18”x24” canvas panel, I’ll go online and get shipping quotes, and then we go from there.  If you want an 8.5”x11” sketch on paper, I can do a flat rate cost because there are Flat Rate Envelopes out there as well, and it’s just a piece of paper.  I might even try to make you a watercolor painting.

And tell your friends.  I’ll do this kind of pricing for the next two months or until I run out of canvas, whichever comes first.

I keep trying to stay positive but it’s like we’re playing Chicken in the pool and there’s a 7’ tall, 350 lb guy sitting on my shoulders.

Red shorts on my head, clearly.


Let’s just talk about good things right now.

1)      My friend D-fabulous runs this magazine called FourCulture, and asked me if I’d like to be a featured artist and have a 3 page thing in there. Uh, YES, thank you very much.  So that made my week, and you guys will get details as I get them during the last two weeks of this month.

2)      I’m going to make a custom piece for that, since D-fab is a fan of my Cuppycakes stuff.  Limited edition, aw snap.  The rough draft sketch came out stellar, so I’m excited that this one might turn out the way it looks in my head.  I’m a little more comfortable with my technique of over-watering the paint so that each layer is almost a watercolor, and it makes things easier to mold, so to speak.

3)      This is the last week for my art to be up at Alchemy.  Monday August 6th is when the exhibition ends, so that means my upcoming Monday will involve a doctor’s appointment, a passport appointment (ERMERGHERED CURBO SERN LERCURS TRERP), and then picking up my art from them (most likely).  All next week will be working on getting the stuff ready for prints.  PREENTS!  I’ve also been working on getting various sites/profiles ready so I can promote and sell the prints, so that makes me happy.

4)      My daily iVillage newsletter produced some amazing DO WANT links, by way of “20 Awesome Finds to Save Space in Every Corner of Your Home”   Let’s discuss this, shall we?

Enclume’s Rack It Up bookshelf pot rack would be better than the standard rack I have (heh heh) in the kitchen.  My current rack (heh heh heh) is a flat metal bar that runs along the wall, and that means my pots and pans scratch up the paint a bit.  This would be good because the long-handled stuff could hang over the sink, while bigger stuff like colanders could sit up top.

simplehuman™’s Steel Frame Dish Rack with Wine Glass Dryer is nice. Our 1930’s craftsman home has a VERY small sink counter area, so this may be too big, but it’s definitely better than the IKEA wire dish rack we have now.  Doing dishes more frequently would be too difficult, because while hard work pays off later, laziness pays off now.

West Elm’s Rustic Storage Table is adorable, wouldn’t be obnoxious with the color schemes of my house, and gives the mega ultra bonus round of extra storage AND workspace.  This is nice.

World Market’s Lawson Space Saver Table & Chair Set, Wenge finish is basically amazing for the very tiny dining nook area that we have.  Not to mention both the table AND chairs fold up, so that’s a definite score.

Sur La Table’s Rösle® Small Collapsible Colander is way Mo Betta than the large metal colander hanging off my current pots-and-pans rack, taking up all sorts of space.  Chuck this in a drawer?  Yes please.

Anthropologie charges way too much for everything but these Milk Bottle Measuring Cups are worthwhile because I will absolutely use them.

Pottery Barn’s Behind the Door wire storage will basically change my entire life, or at least the parts of my life spent in the kitchen.  There would be more of those parts if I had this storage thing.  Our drawers are a disaster, because most of them are missing handles, and are just what you’d expect from a 1930’s craftsman that we bought as a foreclosure in 2009.  Whee!

That’s all. Go fix yourself a glass of iced tea, sit on the porch, read a book, and be thankful that you’re here to see another day.  [That’s what I’ll be doing this weekend.]


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