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you guys know how i got all nostalgic in my last post going on about libraries, and how i was all “mememe, b.f. jones library, mememe, so awesome”. well, it got me thinking how much i should really go back to PA and visit, spend some quality time looking at architecture, etc etc.

anyway, so my gram went from being kind of not in the best health to unresponsive on life support in critical care over the span of about a week (which i just found out yesterday), so instead of going back to PA in like … a month, my mom booked a flight this afternoon and i am leaving tomorrow for six or seven days. to hang out in my old glorious hometown, the prestigious aliquippa.  yes i’ll get to see some friends, eat at places i love, MAYBE maybe maybe even go to kennywood on monday (please let that happen), but most of the time i’ll be sitting in the hospital. or sitting at my mom’s house.

i am less than excited about all of this.

here, have some links:

Wiki entry

Beaver County Times Online (our local paper)

My hometown school district


A lot of the town looks like this.

I believe this is “down West”, aka down in West Aliquippa.

good ol’ franklin ave, in downtown ‘quip.

Most of downtown looks like this.

and of course, a google map. i lived right by Lefty Cepull baseball field. on main street.  anytown, usa, right?  right. it was.

anyway. i also wanted a break from work, you know, in that way where people are like “yeah i love having a job but you know it’d be nice to be like, sipping a cold beverage on the beach whilst my manservant asks me if i need to have the palm fronds fan me a little faster”.  not in that “oh, 90 degrees AND 75% humidity AND scattered thunderstorms, hanging out in a hospital, trying to cope with really sad times” way.

so maybe next time i wish for something, i should specify exact parameters, right?

i also send out many many thanks to the lovely cristy carrington lewis because SHE AWARDED ME WITH AWARDS and that totally made my day. it made me all fuzzy. 🙂 so …when i get back from this (what is sure to be) a very hectic/hellish week, then i will write up something awesome. unless i luck out and my mom actually A) has a working computer that B) connects to the internet.

you all stay classy. i’ll be around.


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