There Are Other Worlds Than These

I’ve been in such a strange mood lately; feeling very isolated and forgotten about, but at the same time feeling very much on the cusp of some extensive rush of productivity.  I’m crossing my fingers that a creative leaf is about to be turned, and that I won’t go into some all-encompassing cave of depression, but this ‘calm before the storm’ has occurred many times before and it goes either way.  I’d like to get some drawings out of it, in any case.

In researching for the mural I’d like to do outside, I found these two links and they made me very happy.

Tiny children’s book hand drawn for Queen Mary’s doll’s house to be published in human size

Queen Mary’s five foot tall Dolls’ House opens its tiny doors to the public

Look how happy she is.  Yes, I too would be grinning.  Miniature things, dollhouses, secret passages, hidden staircases… it all makes me feel …proper.  As if life isn’t complete without a good secret.

I grew up going to the B. F. Jones library.  Here are a few interior shots – sadly, there is not much online, but it was really a great place.  I’m thankful it’s still there.


1930 interior shot of the lobby.


It wasn’t hi-tech.  It didn’t have clean, modern lines.  It was The Library, and it always felt like home.

It’s part of the reason why I love things like Moonmist, or Alice in Wonderland, or the Secret Garden, or anything that allows me to escape from everything else… life isn’t much without the possibility of something else.  Somewhere you can go where there isn’t anyone except you.

Do I want a dollhouse?  Absolutely.

Do I want the cheap, crappy, plastic version?  No.

I want a dollhouse that doesn’t need dolls.


And maybe a secret garden, to boot.


5 thoughts on “There Are Other Worlds Than These

  1. Sarah says:

    I am surprised that after all the beautiful renovations they did inside of B.F. Jones, that they didn’t put up any photographs. It is a great place and I am glad I got to spend so much time there.

  2. cristycarringtonlewis says:

    I used to have a wonderful dollhouse book with photos of some of the most magnificent ones you’ve ever seen. There’s something about tiny things that make them special. Like Hello Kitty! Growing up, I could never get enough of the itsy bitsy Hello Kitty pads and miniature pencils and erasers. Maybe this is why I like dwarfs. Don’t forget to come collect your awards, btw. 🙂

    P.S. I, too, love libraries. There is so much potential in a shelf of books. The whole world is contained within pages.

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