Today, I am on break.

By ‘break’ I mean: taking a day for myself, prepping for the week ahead, during which this aforementioned ‘break’ may stretch into the next few days.  Doing housecleaning, something that – in favor of the events of the past few weekends – has been woefully neglected.  My house is a disaster.

There’s a zen in cleaning, so I’m open for that.  Right after this cup of china jasmine tea (with honey).

I don’t have to research anything, paint anything, draw anything, go anywhere, meet anyone… I don’t even have to SHOWER.  True, there is really no food here other than oatmeal, fruit, a red pepper and some hummus, but my throat is bugging me (oh no!) so oatmeal is doable.  Food shopping will be after the tea.

Let’s not talk about how my intent upon waking was to sit on the floor, tea steaming next to me in the watery sunlight (woohoo for a cooler day today), and meditate for 20 minutes, which instead turned into a frantic “Oh no, kitty’s trying to rip out the screen and escape and where IS the honey and why is there so much fluff on the floor and all I want is some cereal but there is neither milk nor cereal not to mention all the spoons are dirty.”

I just gave up and put on a Harry Potter movie.

After several years, it doesn’t color-change as well as it should, but it’s still one of my favorite mugs. (I don’t think it’s microwave safe, even though the print on the mug says it is.)


I’ve made the executive decision for today to be a Potterthon – I have four (or five?) of the movies and will have them playing in the background all day.  If I get inspired to draw something, so be it, but my goal today is not to have any plan (besides vacuuming and getting clothes put away).  I love scheduled breaks.  🙂

Part of why it’s so nice to do nothing is because this weekend I coordinated a wedding (shoutout: CupcakeCoordination).  Verdict: thumbs up! It was for almost 300 guests, and despite some technical snags (the PA system didn’t play music at first, the DJ showed up 3 hours late and we had to have the band introduce the bridal party), it turned out to be quite fun and a great time for all involved.  I hope I get some more events like that – but it’ll need to be on a day where it doesn’t start just as my shift at work is ending.

Everyone was happy, and that’s what I wanted.  🙂


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