Today is Sunday

…and I just had my first solo art exhibition.

I think saying anything further might wreck the afterglow, so I’ll just keep focusing on that sentence.

There were about 30 people, and everything was well received, and people actually…. liked my stuff.  They want prints, t-shirts, posters, the whole deal.  Um.

I …. I feel pretty awesome.

Next goals:

– talk to my local printery [who did my wedding invites, and who does all the work for my Main Job], and find out how much it costs for them to be done on various paper versus canvas.

– review sites like etsy, society6, deviantArt, etc on how to get my work to an online site/gallery/selling area.

– spend my next two weeks on a mental hiatus, working on loose sketching and writing down ideas for upcoming paintings.

– know that my sketching is a conscious act of practicing certain techniques (for example, perspective. or profiles.), and not feel stressed about trying to create anything specific.

– research Juxtapoz‘s requirements for submission.  [Goal: to be interviewed/featured.]  know that I am not yet ready to submit work, but having the submission info and understanding of what they look for will make that goal much more tangible.

– research upcoming local art events.

– research other local venues/events to display art at.

Anyway, today was…. quite nice.  It felt very surreal.

I made stuff.  Sorry my camera was on the wrong setting. This is after 6.5 hours of being there.


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