And Then One Day, It Happened

It has been so busy, you guys.  You might have noticed that from my lack of posts.  I’ve been having a bit of a rough spot mentally and have been feeling very emotional as of late, which means that yes, I just was weeping on the couch when Rob Kardashian apologized to Bruce Jenner for saying he didn’t have a role model growing up.

Work has been nonstop.  This is good because the shifts go quickly, but bad because I’m having a tough time keeping on top of all the paperwork.

I’ve started kinda-sorta-somewhat playing hockey.  I need to schedule my bellydance lessons.  I’m getting ready for our very belated Cabo honeymoon (aka doing all the paperwork/going to all the appointments to finally legally change my last name and acquire a passport), coordinating a work mixer for the marina stuff that will be on 6/23, coordinating a wedding for 300 people on 6/30, and I’m also finally…FINALLY having a art exhibit.  Not the fundraiser, but an actual little reception thing.

Alchemy is one of those restaurants that has been in my memory for quite some time. Their food is good, they have a great vibe, and they are very interested in doing things for the community. The ‘good food’ part is really the only prerequisite I have for eating somewhere on a regular basis, but after getting to know the place and the people, the other two points are now considered bonus.  🙂

About four years ago is originally (to the best of my recollection) when my friend Micah (owner/founder of Chief Ingredient) introduced me to Alchemy. A mutual friend connected the two of us so we could network about some local stuff, and we hit it off.  We grabbed a brew at the next door tavern, Hamilton’s, and decided that bar food wasn’t really going to cut it that evening.  Turns out things do happen for a reason – Micah talked up their brunch, I stopped by on my own, and a few months later I was a regular.  Ron (the owner) is an amazing guy.  We started talking about all the art there and I asked how to get my own work displayed.

Keep in mind at the time I had just *lost* all my work due to The Great Hard Drive Crash of 2010, so it was kind of a bucket list thing: if someone says that they might be okay with me showing off my work, I’ll create it.  I don’t have the resources to always have art on hand, as most of what I do is for free or for fun.  For example – if a friend moves into a new place, they will most likely get a housewarming present in the form of a painting.  Prior to this little meeting I hadn’t created non-digital art in quite awhile, excluding doodles now and again during long phone calls.  Fast forward through house-buying, wedding planning, wedding HAVING, a lot of health issues, and the slow recovery process, and Ron says to me this past winter that he would be open to displaying my work.  Okay, score one for team dB.  Fast forward even further, and in March he says that there’s another show finishing up, but after than he’d be down to display my work for X amount of weeks and they also hold a little reception for the featured person.

Last week we nailed down some dates (6/18 – 8/6, opening night sunday 6/24), and while part of me feels like it’s constantly shushing the annoying little kid inside (is it my turn yet huh how about me how about now is it time yet are we there yet), part of me is wicked excited for this.  I know it’s not a big deal to the people at the restaurant because they show off art all the time, but to me it still hasn’t sunk in that I actually checked something off my bucket list: make art – get it displayed. 

At the Pigment Monster show it was different because it was in the back of a home-brewing store.  It had a swap meet feel but with better beer and a DJ; about 20 artists who already knew each other were hanging out, vending and selling.  Somebody bought one of my paintings (!!!) and I still don’t know who it was.  They bought it after I’d already left and the promoter got me the cash.

This is…..this is just me.  All the art in the restaurant will be by me.


Ohhhh, you guys.


I’ve got 9 pieces (acrylic paintings) right now and have to figure out how to push out some more that are right now just vague outlines on lined paper.  I’m having a tough time, but I’ve always been good with deadlines.  I won’t lie though: I’m really nervous about this.  Mostly because I feel like people will be all …. “This? This is what you were making a big deal about? These paintings?”

Yes, that is my art.  Yes, those paintings are what I am making a big deal about, and crossing my fingers that maybe someone will even buy them.  I also am working on getting over the feeling that I don’t need to be the Amazon or Costco of paintings – what I have is what there is; I’ll make more, but I don’t have a huge inventory right now.

So here’s the flyer.  Yes, I made it in Paint right quick because that’s how I roll.  🙂  YES, you are welcome to stop by if you are in the San Diego area, June 24 (Sunday!) from 3pm-6pm.  The art will be up until August 6th, but June 24th is my little opening thing.  Oh man.  ….oh man!!!


My one hope right now – and it’s the next item on my list – is to get displayed in a gallery.  That goal will allow me to work my way up to meet the artist that truly inspires me.  After that, I’d like to get my work in Juxtapoz, and after that, I’d like for my work to sustain me enough that I can use it to actually get out of debt and start some serious saving.  Then I’d like to travel a bit – Transylvania, Ireland, Germany, Alaska, France, Spain, Fiji, New Zealand – and after that, open my own gallery or studio.

You’ll notice I didn’t say “I want to quit my job and just make art”, because that would mean my art would be forced into the forefront, forced into becoming my income.  That doesn’t sit well with me, and has seemed to not pan out before.  I don’t plan on quitting my job, it’s a nice stable job that enables me to do art on the side.  If it ever happens, then it happens, but I will never force it.

In any case, my very first hope/goal/wish/prayer is that my motivation doesn’t go away.  As much as I hate my moodswings, I wish I had more manic episodes so I could get more done.

If nothing else, can someone just find me a few extra hours in the day?


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