Just a Little Bit

I’ve been stuck in an art rut lately. This evening I finally finished a painting that I started back in February. Things just weren’t progressing; for those who make things, you know how projects suddenly slam up against a wall and the next step seems not only uncertain but impossible.

The majority of it was done, but the direction on how to finish it just wasn’t there for me. So he sat around for awhile, looking vague and flat.

After the evening’s standard ‘just-home-from-work-chatsplosion’ a few hours ago, I started messing around with a little stippling (Micron) and shading (pencil) out of boredom… and suddenly realized he was done.

It made me feel a little better.

I started recently thinking about getting a daily sketch journal, for those moments when the compulsion to create kicks in but is not accompanied by an actual thought of what (exactly) to create. A few clicks later ran me into this article on 5 tips for staying inspired. Not bad, nice little refresher.

4. Refresh Your Workspace.

Well… I moved my setup from the kitchen table back to my office desk. That seemed to help. Originally it got moved to the kitchen because it seemed like having the windows there would stimulate me to produce more, like …someone could see me sitting in the window, painting, and think “She’s making something! That’s cool!”, maybe in turn inspiring them to do something.

It didn’t work.

Maybe the angle was off? There’s plenty of light, but it seems that space is really only good for sketching, not so much for painting. After moving my crap back to its original space, it seems like that’s where it should be.

3. Develop A Creative Playlist.

Gorillaz (Gorillaz & Demon Days), Soul Coughing (El Oso), Gnarls Barkley (Crazy), and Beats Antique (Collide). Usually in that order.

Anyway, then Reel Big Fish’s cover of Hungry Like A Wolf came on my FAVORITE MUSIC CHOICE STATION (Classic Alternative, omg you guys!!), and everything was just fine. Ska FTW!


2 thoughts on “Just a Little Bit

  1. Larissa Horvath says:

    I wish I had seen this earlier – sorry on the late response! Thank you so so so much. 🙂 Yes, almost all my stuff is for sale, because hey…why not. Hah!

    This guy is going to be in my show (OMG A SHOW!!!!!!!!!!) – and yes, that means there is a pending blog post. He was priced at $200. I still want him in my show because he’s awesome, but I am open to selling him and negotiating on price. Or repainting him for you. :)) There has been a lot of interest in this piece so I’m also researching how to get prints made.

    So basically…. I am happy that you love it, and I want you to have it, so I am open to whatever price you pay and am crossing my fingers that you can pay near what I want. Hopefully that makes sense. I’m in such a strange place right now – excited and nervous and kind of fulfilled all at once.


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