I’m Not At A Pay Phone

One of my guilty pleasures is today’s top 40 style music.  It makes for good workout music, and good driving-with-the-windows-down music.  Anyway, here’s an earworm for you; the first few lines of this song has been stuck in my head for a day or so:

Maroon 5 – Payphone

It’s been a busy few weeks for me, and the remainder of the year is filling up.  It’s a good feeling.  Here’s the short version to catch everyone up, as if I’m some rockstar. 😉 No particular order other than how I remember events.

1) Finally felt well enough to have a beer – yes, one single delicious Stone Smoked Porter – over at Alchemy, discovered hours after that my body no longer tolerates alcohol.  A sip here, a taste there, but that will be it for me.  I was sick for hours and eternities after that beverage, which made me realize that I don’t want to test my limits in that regard any longer.  It makes me very sad, because beer can be delicious.

2) Celebrated the One Year Wedding Anniversary (4.23.12).

He successfully located the garter, and got it stuck on my shoe. Woot! 🙂

We celebrated with a nice weekend of relaxation:  dinner at Island Prime; sleepover at The Dana.  Our anniversary weekend coincided with a Pens playoff game.   The night before we were watching the Pens kill the Flyers, and he emailed in to ask the experts over at Crash The Net what they would do if they had the same dilemma: Pens game on the next morning in the middle of our scheduled FIRST ANNIVERSARY time of alone-ness.  I only heard half the answer because we were laughing too hard, but over the broadcast we heard them say essentially that money should be no object – buy me whatever I needed to gain my permission to watch the game.  I’m still waiting on my private jet and unicorn.

Dinner was tasty.  Expensive.  Meaty.  We hung out and talked for at least an hour after eating, which is always a good thing.  They gave us a complimentary delicious dessert:

Blueberry yum

It was also good to spend time together at the Dana, watching our wedding video and silly television, relaxing and enjoying the view.  I had a comped suite over there because they have a partnership with my work, and it’s always a refreshing getaway.

View from our Bayview Suite, waiting for breakfast to be delivered.

We surprised each other with sentimental stuff – a letter, a video.  It was all just nice, and yes, I got a bit weepy.  He surprised me with a voucher for some bellydance classes with the lovely Leilainia of The Shimmy Sisters, and hopefully my health continues to improve.  The dizziness and nausea have subsided tremendously, although my energy is still really low and all this past week I’ve had trouble breathing.  Not in a congested way, but more of a tight-chest-closed-throat way.  It’s not fun but thinking about it too much makes me panicky.  Keeping an eye on things for the moment.

ANYWAY – it was a good weekend, and helped me remember all the magical moments.  I wish I could share all my photos with all of you, but there are hundreds so you just get a few.  It really was one of – if not the #1 – very best days of my life.  🙂

No one at the event was Jewish, however, many people are a bit Ridiculous.

Steve’s “best man” speech … I had the fear, at first, that he would just make gassy noises into the mic, but it worked out okay. 🙂

The “cake” was a three-tiered stand with mini cupcakes of Total Yum – shoutout to CupcakesSquared.com! The cake toppers are from my friend D, from the heart of N’awlins, as they should be. 😉

Some of my very favorite people, including our Swanky Officiant and Close Personal Homie Of Mine, Mr. Durwood Murray (in the white shirt & blue tie). At the time he was dating my best friend/maid of honor, Alicia. Best couple ever.

Oh Etsy. Thank you for this one. Birdcage veil + vintage hair clip. Also, my necklace was an antique one from my Gramma way-back-when.

Sheets of sheet…music, a few books, glass squares filled with local sand and (eventually) succulents.

How to buy all your centerpiece flowers for under $20 – I love you, Home Depot. Almost all of them (including the big piece) have survived and are currently in antique light cover glass bowls on the front porch.

the cactus garden in the foyer, on the gift table. it’s started to bloom over the past few months. 🙂

aformentioned cactus garden, and antique Corvair Garden Club San Diego award ribbons.

I’d also like to take this moment and reminisce about how awesome Alicia was for making our bouquets.  Yes, I am going to pull a hipster moment and say that I wanted a brooch/handmade bouquet before that was all the rage, because I found the idea in like 2009.  She crafted up some magical genius stuff and they turned out beautifully.

Shoutout to Alicia for the magic… and the mermaids.

She also made boutonnieres for the groom, best man, and groom’s dad.  Perfect.

I didn’t even know they made fake succulents. This was perfect for the groom’s boutonniere.

The best man’s boutonniere – J’s dad’s was similar but with more of a gold ribbon. Also fake flowers, which means they are all now chillin’ happily in our living room. 🙂

Looking through the photos never fails to make me happy, things just worked out wonderfully.  🙂

2) Finally was able to get my business stuff all situated.  Congrats to me on having Young Enterprises finally be a legal sole proprietorship. There’s a lot more paperwork than you might think but it’s worth it.

3) Starting getting repair work done on my car.  Chubbles is doing well (yes, Chubbles is the car’s name).  All the work is preventative – not particularly cheap, but cheaper than waiting for my timing belt to break and pay more in repairs than the car is worth.  You know how it goes.  That will be a full summer-long project

4) Went to a wedding reception at Humphrey’s By The Bay.

At Eric & Jenna’s reception, 4/29/12

5) My friend Morgan came to town for the reception, it’s always nice to hang with her.  Her visit was made even more exciting because the next time we see her will be at *HER* wedding – in Seattle!!  I’ve never been there so it will be equally awesome to go and have a good reason to be up there (other than just being a tourist).  Ceremony will be at Gas Works Park and reception will be at Tyee Yacht Club, wedding theme is robots.  That’s right. We’re trying to craft up a nice steampunky blend of robots and costume-y silliness, as per the bride’s request.  It’s going to be a great time.  🙂

6) I have been putting more work and effort into my fundraiser art event: Fight Back San Diego.  Finally got a caterer to donate some snacks and beverages; am now working on the artist list.  Once the list hits 20 it will be time to pick a date.  Please tell everyone.  (No, for real.  It’s free.)

7) Alchemy (yes, the aforementioned place where I got my last beer and promptly swore off drinking) has finally given me the green light to do an art show.  Insert shriek > here <.  :))  From my artist page: “Spoiler alert: …….. guess who’s getting their work displayed at Alchemy, starting in June, for six weeks? Keep an eye on @drunkbunny for more info like specific dates/times. 🙂 Woo! *excited*” Yes, this means I have to crank out another couple paintings in the next three weeks, but it will happen.  Somehow.

8) Went to a bachelorette party this weekend, and that’s  all I’ll say about that.  😉

9) You guys know how I never go anywhere?  World Travel, we’re talking.  Some people go to Mexico, Europe, cruises, all that sort of stuff.  I don’t.  There is no passport in my possession, and really no resources to even plan .  We’ve been talking for quite some time now about a honeymoon/vacation, and of course my plan was a Fiji-New Zealand trip.  A nice little ten day jaunt of beaches and ridiculous tropical touristy goodness.  Palm trees and hiking and surfing and cocktails and jet setting, all to the tune of about $6500, right?  It was one of those plans you save up for, and enjoy the heck out of when you get there.
This week, J booked us an ALL INCLUSIVE five day trip to CABO SAN FREAKIN LUCAS for $498 total.  (Not counting the $400-per-person plane tickets that he also snagged, but STILL!)  That means for under five hundred bucks, they include lodging, meals, drinks, entertainment, taxes and gratuities.

Oh, and the view.

Photos of Holiday Inn Resort Los Cabos All-Inclusive, San Jose del Cabo

This photo of Holiday Inn Resort Los Cabos All-Inclusive is courtesy of Trip Advisor.

So yeah, in completely awesome news, we’re staying at this joint during the week of the full moon in October, and not breaking the bank.




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