Good News is Good News

After nearly a year of feeling like I’m losing my mind, three doctors, hundreds of dollars, too many bottles of pills, and far too many “let’s try this and see if it works”, someone finally gave me an answer that I wanted to hear.

Blood and lab test results: completely healthy, all vitals right where they should be, blood pressure great, no h. pylori, not pregnant. One very slight/mild allergy (peanuts). This is a bummer because chocolate-and-peanut-butter is one of my favorite combinations EVER, but hey. Small price to pay.

ENG test results: A weakened area on my left side showed mild labyrinthitis, but it appears to be resolving. My ENT (Dr. Rivet) doesn’t feel that physical therapy is necessary, and concurs with the audiologist that walking/light exercise is a good idea, as it will help the healing process move along. The audiologist also said the lighting in the office may have some effect on my symptoms, but said having natural light can help (which there is a lot of but the florescent lights are really awful). Inquired if there was anything I should stay away from, he suggested ladders and roofing (LOL). I also asked if there was any specific food or beverage I should stay away from and he said no, so that means that eventually you’ll all be able to buy me drinks again. 😉 I let him know about the peanut allergy and he noted that for the file.

Followup: None needed.

Overall: day two of feeling alright. Not perfect, but functional. Not nauseous at the moment, still taking it one hour at a time. Had my first soy chai latte in over a week, and it is amazing how that one beverage makes me feel the way a grande white mocha and two cups of coffee used to. Definitely excited about keeping a low caffeine tolerance.

SUPER AWESOME PART: The ENT said he feels like we’re done, and in a couple months everything should be resolved and I should be back to normal. NORMAL!!! Like… like a regular person that doesn’t have to worry about the room spinning or the light being too bright or loud noises or half a cup of regular coffee or feeling like the evening will be ruined if I don’t have two sets of medication in my purse. NORMAL!!!!!!!

Verklempt, that’s me.


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