Sunday Night Brownies

It’s been a good day. Got up around noon, went grocery shopping, saw a fight, made bacon, saw another fight, read until I passed out, woke up an hour ago, began making brownies just now.

Ghirardelli’s Chocolate Caramel Turtle Brownies, to be exact.

Very exciting. 🙂 And yes, those were real-life fights, the kind where somebody gets wrestled to the ground outside a store and the screaming match kind. It actually was a very nice day out, so it’s unfortunate to see violence and discontent. The only violence I wanted to see was Game of Thrones and Wrestlemania, but we don’t have HBO and didn’t buy the Pay Per View, so the back of my eyelids had to suffice.

It makes me sad to not be watching GoT right now though. For real.

At the homestead today we discussed upgrading my Kindle to pass my current one on so that Other Half could start reading some of our eBooks. It’s a nice thought but I don’t have the $$ for an upgrade at the moment, so that’s on the back burner. That lead to discussion of why am *I* not writing a book, which lead to me saying that there’s really nothing going on in my mind as far as story or plot or character lines, so it’s not happening. It’d be nice though. I would write a book. Any suggestions? Fiction please.

What else. Last night I went out to Sabbat and was able to dance a bit. As in ten minutes worth. After doing nothing for months, my body hurts quite a bit today, and it was a sad reminder of just how much further I need to go.

I got to wear sparkly fake eyelashes though; here’s a shot of me and my friend Jen. Please excuse Zombie Mode Face; the flash was REALLY bright.

If only there was a way to make camera flash less painful.

Speaking of a long way to go, I survived my ENG test on Friday with only minor nausea and dizziness. The intense nausea from all of last week seems to have subsided (which is great), but I still don’t have my lab test results back from that. The next step is for a neurologist to review my stuff from Friday, then my ENT gets it, and then by Wednesday I should have an idea of my next visit.

The audiologist was super nice. She had a great sense of humor and made things bearable, which is a very much appreciated thing. The ENG test was about as pleasant as you might imagine. You put on goggles (zey actually do somezink), watch dots on the wall, and then get your ears flushed out with cool and burningwarm water.

Think of it as a spa for your inner ear, she said.

Looks nice, doesn't it. You know how sometimes the hot tub is *too* hot? Well, just imagine the jets of hot water shooting into your ear for 30 seconds.

Other than feeling like I had water trapped in my ear for the rest of the day, and other than being really tired, things went well. She said there were a few minor abnormalities but I’m borderline normal, which is my new band name.

This rabbit is Borderline Normal, but I wouldn't want to run across it at night.

We talked about a lot of things. How depressed and frustrated I’ve been, how awful I’ve felt, how far away normal really does seem, how active I once was to how things are now. She said that she suspects things are getting better, healing, but there are still months to go before things are okay. Essentially I get to learn to walk again: apparently the ear/eye/brain combo that most people have doesn’t function properly for me anymore, so part of my rehab is literally going out to walk when I can. Ten minutes here, fifteen there, and that should help me heal faster. The nausea thing may have just been a bug, but I still want the results to see if I’ve got any allergies.

All of this reminds me how much I miss dancing. Really and truly. As my debt gets paid down, the thought of being able to go back to dance classes and eventually perform sticks in my mind. I miss it terribly. Also, Showgirls is on, and it’s my first viewing. They have CGI BRAS. Like… Roger Rabbit cartoon status. It’s awful but I will tell you it doesn’t make me want to dance any less.

My brownies are ready. Y’all have a nice night.


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