Good morning – velkommen!

I probably didn’t spell that right and don’t care, because just for the moment, all is right with my world.

The house is cleaner, I’m snacking on a grapefruit as a break before doing more housecleaning, and my tummy/head feels over 90% alright. 100% would be great but these days I shoot for more than 90%. My doctor’s appointment got kicked back until who knows when because the test administrator is “not well” and “will call me at a later date to reschedule”. Oh, how thoughtful. If I think about that too much I get angry and realize how my health still sucks, so… next subject!

Random factoid: WHY is there information out there that grapefruits can cause cancer? I hate you, Internet. I refuse to let that little worm get into my brain.

There’s some cheesy poppy hip hop on my Pandora station, that’s nice. The kitty isn’t being a jerk, and the weather’s good. This week I plan on seeing Hunger Games. That’s right.

Last year my friend loaned me the series via Kindle. It was GREAT. It only dawned on me a couple of months ago that a movie would be coming out, so I’m doing my best not to feel elitist and also not look up any photos, trailers, or info on the movie. It would be nice to be pleasantly surprised. Also, I read the books long enough ago that the details have blurred. From quick glances around the Internet it looked as though Owen Wilson is playing Haymitch, when I wanted (essentially) Mad Eye Moody to play him, but that decision wasn’t up to me.

That’s what’s going on with me right now. What about you?


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