A prize AND a kitty meme? Consider today an accomplishment in my internet life. I approve of this post – you should too.

Prawn And Quartered

Sir, as today is Tuesday, it’s my feeling that Wednesday could occur, officially, as early as tomorrow.

~H.M. Murdock

One thing I know for sure about myself? When I make a promise, I deliver. Even if it’s a little later than I expected. (Hey, I work for the government. Cut me some slack here.)

You may remember, faithful readers, a little post called “Your Burning Questions, Answered!” about a month ago. I did promise to answer some of those awesome questions. That’s what today’s post is for. Since it’s Wednesday, I am going to do so in meme/pictorial format. This may be a recurring feature here at P&Q if the gremlins don’t interfere.

I had a lot of questions asked and, while I can’t answer them all due to time constraints, have picked some great ones. I know you’re all taut with suspense so I’ll cut the chatter now and…

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