Please Sir May I Have Some More

A brownie. Some fudge brownie ice cream. A slice or four of fudge cake. A bar of chocolate. Even those little wrapped Dove squares that you find stashed away in your purse after a month that are STILL good.

Do you sense a theme? Why yes, I would like some chocolate.

This week is my no caffeine/sugar/chocolate week (as per the doctor’s orders, on Official Paperwork). It’s not even a full week that I have to go without, it’s just today through noon on Friday. The hardest thing about all this is sitting in the office, because my brain doesn’t turn to Really Really wanting chocolate or sugar when I’m out walking around on the beach or vacuuming the house.

It’s also the cusp of GirlTime™. Yes, having minimal to zero caffeine/sugar/chocolate will indeed help the symptoms, but more than anything, all I want is a piece of fudge cake. Or a handful of Oreos with milk.

To paraphrase a friend, denying ourselves instant gratification on something that we want is very much an adult trait. So this apparently makes me a responsible adult. Sort of.

I’ve been doing my research on all this, because if I have to give up my now-twice-weekly morning grande soy chai, no matter how First World that sounds, I want to know exactly when I can get away with having it again. Not just because it’s tasty, but because losing the ritual of it makes me more uncomfortable than I care to admit. I’ve even grown fond of the instant decaf crystals from Folgers, and heard they have no caffeine so I’m waiting on a response from the company to see if that is indeed true.

For months now I have been cutting back on things I enjoy. It’s been good for me (nobody needs a grande white mocha AND a cup of coffee every day), but also makes me sad to really have to get down to the wire. Please let a solution for all this occur soon – not that I want to go on overload, but my work week just seems messed up without something coffee-ish in the morning. I’ve been drinking guava leaf tea, which tastes like a version of green tea, but it’s not the same. There’s been no alcohol in my body since November, and no soda for further back than I recall, but to drop everything except water and herbal tea is proving to be a very tough battle.

As an aside: I’m not saying every day I stuff my face with multiple mugs of coffee and half a pan of brownies, followed up by a quart of ice cream, I’m saying if I drink one cup of decaf during the morning four times a week and snag a piece of candy now and then, how is it going to affect me?

Here’s some of my research towards beverages and food I consume or have consumed on a regular basis.

CAFFEINE LEVELS (# denotes mg unless otherwise noted)

LIPTON TEAS (est. for 1 cup brewed 2 – 3.5 min)
Black Tea – 1 cup, 55mg
Black Tea Decaf – 1 cup, 5mg
100% Green Tea – 1 cup, 45mg
100% Green Tea Decaf – 1 cup, 4mg
French Vanilla Black Tea – 1 cup, 30mg
Spiced Chai Black Tea – 1 cup, 55mg
Earl Grey Tea – 1 cup, 45mg
English Breakfast Tea – 1 cup, 55mg
All Herbal Teas – 1 cup, 0mg
Tea, brewed- 8 oz., 53mg (range: 40-120)
Starbucks Tazo Chai Tea Latte (Grande) – 16 oz., 100mg
Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Bar – 1.45 oz., 31mg
Hershey’s Chocolate Bar – 1.55 oz., 9mg
Hershey’s Kisses – 41g (9 pieces), 9mg
Cream substitute, flavored, liquid – 1 oz, 2mg (4g fat, 22mg sodium, 9g sugar)


3 thoughts on “Please Sir May I Have Some More

  1. sociallyfitblog says:

    We are here for moral support!! We know you can do it (by no means will it be easy)! Try fruits instead…I know they really don’t fill the void but at least it gives you something healthier to nibble on.

  2. pilgrimageofhealth says:

    I make myself a sugar-free, starbucks-esque creation often. Take coffee (or decaf coffee) and put unsweetened soy or almond milk, cinnamon, cocoa powder, and stevia in it. It can be hot or cold! I’m slowly and gradually trying to work refined sugar out of my diet as well, and this helps.

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