Health updates

My specialist finally got the thumbs up from my insurance to get me into Scripps Memorial for an ENG test. Two hours of more fun than should be allowed – be prepared to be jealous!

I had to fill out a questionnaire, which was less exciting than you might think. Here’s my questionnaire on dizziness and imbalance disorders, in hopes that someone else might see it and not feel like they’re going through things alone. It did make me feel better to see how in depth it was, because I know they wouldn’t ask all that if no one else had ever suffered this stuff.

dizziness and imbalance inner ear problems

dizziness and imbalance inner ear problems pg 1

dizziness and imbalance inner ear problems

dizziness and imbalance inner ear problems pg 2

Next Friday. Get excited for me!


3 thoughts on “Health updates

  1. cristycarringtonlewis says:

    Erm. I’m excited. I think. I hope nothing’s seriously wrong. I was suffering from terrible headaches for awhile and the docs thought it was everything from a tumor to migraines to an aneurysm. Turns out that it was a form of neuralgia which, though painful, is benign and treatable. Hope your situation turns out alright. 🙂

  2. Larissa Horvath says:

    Hi there.

    It’s been about that same amount of time for me as well. I’m doing better, but the residual stuff is almost as hard to deal with. The depression/fatigue/headaches/nausea… that stuff makes life rough because it slowly wears you down, the constant fight, but it’s definitely better than it was. I’ve found things that trigger it and am learning what to do/have in moderation. I miss yoga though. I find myself more timid and overly cautious, which is a hard new thing for me. For example, I want to try a session of yoga again, just a half hour, but the thought of ‘oh maybe I’ll get sick’ quashes all my motivation. It’s rough. It’s like I’ve made myself into a hypochondriac by constantly – and I mean 24/7, CONSTANTLY – running that internal line of questioning: how do I feel right this moment? Okay, how about now? Is that my ear ringing? Oh man my stomach is a little upset, oh no, what’s next… etc. It’s very tiring.


    The constant dizziness/nausea is gone. Now I just have episodes. It gets worse around the time of my period. I find myself only having to take one pill every dozen days (ish), versus three or four pills regularly every day. There are still random episodes of light sensitivity, and I have more days more often where I’m clumsy, disoriented. However the whole “omg please make everything stop spinning”, that isn’t constant. And for that I am very, very thankful.

    Mild exercise has helped – going for walks. A fifteen minute slow walk around my neighborhood (flat) used to be all I could do, and that would exhaust me to the point of just lying on my couch all night until I passed out. Now I can go to the zoo with my husband, walk around for an hour or so, with only one break of sitting down for five or ten minutes. I haven’t been to the doctor since July, when I had a *really* bad episode after coming down with a harsh cold/ear infection. Before that it had been since early May. My doctor and my specialist have both (essentially) told me “We’re done here, you’re set.”

    It’s getting better, but I am mentally drained. It’s also hard to talk about it because it’s been such a constant factor for so long, so I feel like it’s hard to play catch up.

    What about you? What do you have, how are you doing?

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