I’ve Got My Decaf and I’m Ready To Rumble

It’s a nice morning. There’s a breeze blowing in through the window, my coffee tastes alright, and I am gearing up for the million errands of the day. Admittedly there was a two hour delay in getting going later than planned due to Comfy Unconsciousness, but that’s what days off are for, right?

One of the glorious things I get to do should be doing today is laundry. Thrillist reminded me of how envious I’ve always felt of males because it seems so easy for them to get dressed. They don’t have curves. They can wear khakis and a t-shirt every day and it’s fine. Then I saw Two Inch Cuffs and didn’t feel so envious anymore. A thirty dollar cotton belt and some three hundred and forty dollar jeans. Alright then.

One of my goals is to go to Old Navy or Target or one of those stores, buy three pairs of pants and five shirts, and just put them into rotation. Like a uniform. As much fun as it is to dress up, I get frustrated because things don’t fit a certain way and really don’t want to take the extra twenty minutes to play Oh No It’s Thursday And What Clothes Fit Me Today. Ladies, you know the feeling (and shut up if you don’t). I’m 5’0″, and 39-29-39. Life is not easy.

But the breeze, oh the breeze. I need to go do some business-related paperwork downtown, meet up with a client, go to the post office, and try to find some pants. The AWESOME news is that my tax refund came through, just in time for me to pay off some bills that have been behind since last summer. It would be nicer to try and get a new wardrobe/haircut/mani/pedi/facial, but …yeah. It’s one of the pros/cons of adult responsibility, which will also be my next post (spoiler alert).

I need another cup of coffee. Brak is being a cat: searching, inquiring, making his cat face. The face that looks like he left his monocle and top hat at the cleaners (which he did).

I had to make this awful high-pitched noise for almost two minutes to get him to turn around and stop shuffling about.

Yesterday was spent at traffic school. It was as much fun as it sounds, because the option to take the course online was not available. After sitting in a very uncomfortable chair (with no table) for 400 nearly-consecutive minutes, it seemed like a very good idea to take a walk. So that happened, and a walk by the ocean turned out to be just the thing.

Upon arriving home, my buddy Steve brought us bean-and-cheese burritos. The rest of the evening was spent watching silly movies and I worked on a painting. Speaking of, Bunny2 is almost done. The background layers are all in, now he just needs a few more layers and then it’s time for the details. I’m digging it.

Time for another cup, then off to get cleaned up and errand-ed out. Envy me.


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