Cough Hack Cough Cough Hack

Last week, right after going to my specialist to do a followup on my weird ear condition – which might be Meniere’s disease – I got pretty sick. Most of February has been spent being exhausted (from the ear stuff), but last week I got the plague again, which happens usually twice a year. Unfortunately right about this time last year I caught the same style of plague which is why my ears are all messed up to begin with.

My college classmate used to call me “squirrel ears”, and I’m okay with him doing that. Only him though.

Anyway. I’ve basically been asleep since last Wednesday, and it wasn’t that fun. I’m ready to be healthy again. I’m well out of sorts but am trying to not sound super loopy or medicated. Finally getting better but am pretty ….eh.

Here’s what I’ve been getting my paws into lately as well: Fight Back San Diego – Artists Against Cancer. I really want this to happen. I really want awesome artists to be involved. Like Craola. Please help me make this happen. If there was more energy in my body right now you guys would hear more about it, but I spent almost 36 hours straight making the website and all the other stuff AND promoting the crap out of it. So tell someone; I’m still here but am on a break from that for a sec.

What else. Well, below are some things, and yes the photos are sort of stretched out but you can click them and they’ll be normal size. So do that if you want.

Um, I helped my friends Jim & Linda adopt a puppy named Jack.

My friend Joe turned 40 and his wife, Jen, threw him a really fun birthday hotel soiree last weekend. There was a lot of drinking and hugging and debauchery. This is me and Jen; she is awesome. I put on a very good drunk face, even though alcohol is not – and has not been – in my cards. No booze for this chick anytime soon.

Look at us, we are Lovely Ladies!

Jen & I love hugs 🙂

That was last Saturday. Last Sunday my friend Maria threw a birthday/graduation party for her husband, Trent. It was down at Mission Brewery, a very cool building that tortured me because… NO ALCOHOL. I did have a sip of one of the super-dark porters just because I really miss that taste, but just a sip. It was delicious.

Here’s a photo of some of our crew – from left,
Sean, Rod, really unflattering shot of me, Maria, random girl, random guy, and Dylan.

I love when the Phoenix crew comes out:

Sunday was also my buddy Shinn’s birthday. I had to go from Maria & Trent’s thing to Steve’s thing.
From left: Jason, me, Rob (behind), Steve-o 🙂

From there, last Monday was the doctor’s appointment, after which I didn’t feel awesome, and then Wednesday morning woke up with crazy fever chills and now we’re to today. The coughing is subsiding slowly, my appetite is coming back slowly. Life is a little weird right now; I’m sleeping through most of it and drinking lots of tea. I’m also closing in on the final chapters of Game of Thrones (book 4) and also just starting to watch the episodes. It’s good.

Stay healthy, my friends.


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