It’s A Nice Day For A …Trip To The Fabric Store?

It’s a typical San Diego Sunday: mid-70’s, light breeze, strains of music floating through the neighborhood. The curtains are all drawn back and the house is getting a nice airing out. There’s been a light winter cleaning – sorted out a drawer of canned goods, cleaned off the random debris on top of the fridge (so THAT’S where my hummingbird feeder nectar went to!), and started laundry. I’m taking a little break to write before heading out to the dollar store for hairspray, which will hopefully aid me in my attempt to do a fauxhawk.

My hair is a bit long, but I’m hoping to achieve something like this:

Also, I found THE BEST volume hair tip ever (for real). Go check out the video, and watch the whole thing. I’m sure it helps if you have a flat iron, but my house is very product-and-accessory free, so … yeah. Dollar store it is.

So, the fabric store.

My wonderful lovely creative fabulous friend Morgan is getting MAWWIED in September, oh-em-gee, and she’s been sweet enough to send an invite to Casa de Awesome. (Yes, that’s my house’s name.) It’ll be in Seattle, a place I’ve always wanted to go – ceremony at an old gas works and reception at a yat club. Some people say yacht, some say yat, and that’s what we’re calling it right now. πŸ˜‰

Look how cute their wedding site is! Matt & LindsayMorgan

Since the two of us here have been getting more involved and interested in steampunk lately, it seemed like the perfect occasion to acquire some apparel in that genre. So began The Great Outfit Search.

First of all, the stuff is not cheap. It’s not cheap because it’s all custom made, and generally of good quality. As are most discussions (surprisingly and thankfully) – most fans of the genre tend to be well spoken and well read. It’s a nice change if you want to give your brain a break from YouTube or ICanHasCheezburger comments.

The thing about it is that a lot of people do tend to just “glue some gears on it and call it SteamPunk”, myself being one of them. Yes, some people say if the gears/buckles/bells and whistles aren’t functional then it’s all for naught, but you can’t deny the aesthetic appeal.

Here’s an example.

Plain Black Arm Cuff

Steampunk Arm Cuff:

See? Just glue some gears on it. And if anybody wants to track down the manufacturer of that second cuff and then PURCHASE the cuff for me I’d be much obliged. I bet you dollars to donuts (best phrase ever) that it’s at least a hundred bucks if it’s hand-tooled or anything.

We got to talking here at The Casa, and J feels that he’s capable of sewing things. Maybe even clothes. After picking both my eyebrows off the ceiling, we talked about local fabric stores and how I want to make my own mini cocktail top hat instead of paying $150 for the one that caught my eye. So after breakfast, he crutched on over to the local Discount Fabric Store where we looked at all the awesome items. I spent most of last night looking for a hat pattern/tutorial, and he spent most of yesterday looking for a vest pattern. It was fun.

Anyway, we have the beginnings of a sewing kit, and an old holiday popcorn gallon tin is where the excess fabric will go for now. I think we can pull something off.

I’m not sure who this new crafty person is that’s living with me, but I like him.


5 thoughts on “It’s A Nice Day For A …Trip To The Fabric Store?

  1. cristycarringtonlewis says:

    So glad you followed me, because now I’m following you…creepy, yet? Anyway, I LOVE steampunk, and thus I loved your blog (but also because it was well-written and entertaining – though I must admit I was intimidated by the photo of the beautiful girl with the faux hawk because I thought it was you…and I was like, Oh, wow, wish I EVER looked liked that. Just once.) I’m in the middle of writing a blog that touches on Mohawks that you’ll prolly like. In the meantime, I’ll continue to like your blogs. πŸ™‚

  2. Larissa Horvath says:

    Haha, don’t you love how the Internet gives you that feeling of guilt-yet-OMGWIN? My guilty pleasure is finding a blog I like and then proceeding to add the ever-loving-crap out of them on all social networks. And link them a bunch. It’s fun but yet I’m thinking… “Okay, don’t add them on Twitter yet. Wait a day. Wait two days for Facebook, unless they’ve got a direct link to their ‘fan’ page from Twitter… or unless they talk about kitties a lot.”

    Thank you veddy much for the compliments. I try to be both entertaining and well-written/spoken. Your stuff is pretty snazzy as well! Please continue to like it and I will continue to try not to suck. πŸ™‚

    Mohawk Girl intimidated me as well; when I tried to emulate her hair it ended up looking like a big pile of fail. Like somebody turned on a 1980’s wind tunnel. Hahaha!

  3. cristycarringtonlewis says:

    FYI, we have three kitties. They’re our children. I would never ask one of them to give me blood or a kidney – even if it matched – because they’re really little (compared to me, anyway) and that would likely kill them. If I had a kid, not so sure I’d be concerned. I’m only half kidding here.Another pun. Lord, that’s what you get when I comment on shit at 5 a.m. in the morning. Anyway, well done…and feel free to love me on any social network you want. P.S. You’re not sucking at all, so either you’re trying really hard or you’re actually good. That could happen, you know. Not to us self-deprecating types, but to other vain creatures.

  4. says:

    I loved your comment about finding a crafty person inside you that you didn’t know you had. Once my husband discovered the costuming of Steampunk, a few weeks after I did :), he was surprised and impressed with how easy it is.
    Making costumes isn’t that hard, and steampunk is one of the easiest to do. The best advice I ever got when I was first starting out, was to go to the thrift stores and find peices that you can modify for your character. It’s that simple. I love the large dresses with the bussles so I tend to make my skirts, but there are a lot of us that are small enough to find things right off the rack that can work out. Good luck!

  5. Larissa Horvath says:

    So check *this* out – my friend Kest makes things. Mostly metal, some fabric, all awesome. She just discovered how to add in prescription lenses. I got all excited because every time I want to wear anything fun, it involves finding my contacts, putting them in, and then dealing with fake lashes. It’s kind of less-than-fantastic. Anyway, as soon as I saw her latest mask pop up it immediately shouted ‘steam’; it’s lovely! I can totally see it with some mad-scientist stuff around the lenses. πŸ™‚
    Making costumes is fun. It’s going to be exciting around here once Tax Refund Time happens. πŸ™‚

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