Monday Night Meatloaf

It really was Tuesday Night Meatloaf but that’s alright.

I’m going to go out here on a limb and say that I can make FANTASTIC meatloaf. One of our new-home-wedding-random gifts from the mom-in-law was a spiral bound copy of Betty Crocker’s New Dinner for Two cookbook.

I don’t even like meatloaf, but J (who almost just got referred to as ‘the hubs’ oh lord please smack me if you ever hear me say that) has been helping me develop recipes for us to eat. You know, like a …meal plan. Apparently this is what grownups do – they have a ‘food budget’ and a ‘weekly meal plan’. Said budgets/plans are designed to save us money and you know… time going through the drive-through. They don’t really account for how delicious carne asada fries can be, but that’s because when you’re An Adult, all the fun gets sucked out of life. You’re relegated to searching through your pantry (because you get a pantry right around the time you get a Responsibility Award) for ingredients that you will turn into some sort of Meal. There will be an entree, a side of something, maybe a beverage other than a can of soda.

Responsibility Awards look something like this, in case you’re wondering:

Anyway. My pantry was coughing up things like eight bags of varying bean varieties, cans of diced tomatoes, dried seaweed strips, rice, old bread, and other items that only one of us in this household would consider crafting into something edible. It was then I decided to stop shuffling around and make A Meal Plan because it’s either eat nothing or go through the Wendy’s drive-through yet again, and in all honesty, their new buttered buns make things kind of gross and messy. If you eat a Wendy’s burger right now, your hand feels like you just stuck it into a tub of movie popcorn after somebody stopped off at the salt-and-butter stand. They should knock it off.

We sat down and made a list of six potentially-dinnertime meals that are tasty, easy and that both of us would eat. The goal here is to save money and try to eat healthier. It makes sense: spend a hundred bucks on groceries every other week, or $200+ during each *work*week on fast food and snacks? It terrifies me to think how much gas gets wasted, but I’ve done well at turning a blind eye to that for a solid decade. I’m not ready to look just yet.

Also, I’m in the middle of crafting up a 2012 budget for myself, by the by, so in a short while I’ll have the frighteningly exact figures on how much will actually be saved. The present conservative estimate is about 40%.

Budget… estimate… plan …… DAMMIT, WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!


It’s for the best. I’ve heard.

PS: Tonight’s dinner was pancakes and turkey bacon. It was my first attempt at making pancakes, don’t tell anyone. The food turned out more like failcakes and charcoal, which is really disappointing because normally I’m a decent cook, but I’ll try again in another six days or so. If this were The Sims (something that’s getting a lot of playtime around here), it would have been in the ‘horrifying quality’ category for sure.


2 thoughts on “Monday Night Meatloaf

  1. transparentguy says:

    Every week I go over the food budget and no matter what I cook, the kids won’t eat it–even when they’re the ones who requested it. Being a grown-up sucks sometimes. But, at least, you’ve proven to me I’m not alone in this struggle.

  2. Larissa Horvath says:

    You’re not alone! The best part is when I hear my mother – and probably the mothers of so many before her – saying: “If you don’t like it, then starve.” Muahaha!

    My husband is very picky about things. It’s frustrating, but hey, he’ll at least microwave himself a Michelina meal or get a bowl of cereal.

    Good luck with the munchkins.

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