Phasing It In Slowly


So. It’s been an interesting week. First off can I just say I looked at my blog and saw that it said 397 FOLLOWERS, which I have to research because…. holy crap, where did that come from?!?! Maybe it’s a glitch. Not sure. But if it’s true… thank you!!!

I chopped some more hair off.

…and added some red to it.

J broke his tibia AND fibia.

I celebrated turning 31 by kicking it with some of my favorite drag queens (the food was awesome as well).

So… yeah. The past ten days have been kind of a whirlwind. Between regular work, my sickness and taking care of J, there’s also been a lot of work on my part being put in toward my event planning company, Cupcake Coordination. Things are going well, it’s just been hectic. It’s for the best though – things are going well.

That’s what’s up with me. Somewhere in there I managed to sleep a little bit and keep telling myself that tonight will be the night I’m in bed by 830. Mmm, sleep.

What’s up with you?


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