Far Away Across Those Moonlit Dunes

There aren’t really dunes that can been seen from the 8, but nonetheless it’ll be a nice drive. Daytime this time around – yes, I’m headed back to Phoenix. My friend Maria invited me to go with her after she heard of my last trip, so after some groveling in regards to getting the 12 hours of PTO approved, I find myself closing in on another desert weekend. It’s really quite nice to have a break from reality, not to mention exciting. Road trip!

This time I hope to take more photos. Any photos, really, because it’s difficult – not to mention probably illegal – to do that while driving. It will be interesting to see things during the day. We’re leaving Friday at 1, returning some time on Sunday. I’m amped to see people, to feel like I’m on vacation.

There’s another Pigment Monster show this weekend. My work is still over at the venue, hopefully it will be displayed, if not… no biggie. Somehow it’s December in a moment, and if my luck holds out then the guys over at Alchemy will hold me to “displaying my work after the first of the year”. This means that not only do I need to pick up my old work, I need to create another set of work. Six larger pieces should do it, the problem is making sure the pieces don’t feel forced.

My friend Steve has been discussing writing a children’s book (or three). He’d have me illustrate it. I’m concerned that his ideas might not be uh… marketable… but at least they’d be entertaining to some of us. And isn’t that what really counts?

Okay, break’s over. Time to make some tea and consider what could be wrong with the site map. XML indeed.


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