Flights of Fancy

First of all, hello new blog followers! You make me very happy just by existing. Please continue.

The aforementioned Pigment Monster show was a nice time. Hopefully you can click that link and see all the photos that somebody else took. Here’s me with my setup and tasty wheat beer.

Completely out of left field I sold a painting. Rather, someone bought it after I left, and the host/promoter contacted me the next day regarding it. Here’s the one that got sold:

It was a very unexpected sale and I was pleased someone wanted to give me money. If you like what I do, you can become a fan of Drunkbunny on Facebook. Or even if you don’t like it, show some love and pass the word to someone who might.

This past weekend I went to Phoenix. For many people that is an unremarkable statement, but it was a bit of a cherry pop in that the following things happened:

-by myself
-at night
-to Arizona
-and back.

I’ve never been to Arizona. I’ve never driven that far on my own. Ever. I drove 6 hours to hang out with my friends that haven’t been seen in forever and it was GREAT. (Except for the speeding ticket on the last 150 miles home at which the cop clocked me at 85 in a 70 but gave me a ‘break’ by just putting it down as 79. He was nice and I’m grateful for that break, but at that hour and that length of drive with no cruise control? Yeah, SUPER difficult to maintain a constant speed. A 75 limit would’ve been easier, and apologies for the long parenthetical section.)

My next trip out there may be the weekend of December 3rd. My friend and her husband go frequently – and invite me frequently – so I’ve submitted my PTO request and am crossing my fingers. It would be nice to have the 3.5 day weekend and to also get to see more of it in daylight. Also it would be nice to have someone else drive.

Speaking of, it wasn’t a bad drive at all. There was a lot of music to entertain me aurally, as well as the audio version of Lies Chelsea Handler Told Me. (Hilarious, FYI.)

The desert at night is stunning. The return-trip moon was nearly full and you could see silhouettes of mountains. You could see cacti and shrubs and lines blurring on the road and people-ish things in the middle of it. Okay, maybe only *I* could see that last bit, which was super creepy and surreal, but still. There was a long stretch where I had some fear, and still feel a little off key. It’s been an interesting week.

Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation (should be caught up by this weekend), but here’s the part where a crazy statement comes out: I feel like I drove into an alternate reality, and this really does feel like the first week of the rest of my life. Say what you want, but that’s how I feel. It’s not entirely bad, just unsettling. It’s like I’m on the other side of the mirror.

Phoenix was a strange place for me. Desert trips are nothing new – my past ones have included Vegas and Camping – but this was different. It felt like a ghost town. Like cardboard cutouts and people huddled indoors. It felt dead. The strange thing was that there were a LOT of people living all their busy little lives, but maybe after the neon screaming brightness of California, it just doesn’t compare. I don’t know. There was something missing… some color, some soul. The dust got into my head and is rattling around up there.

I’m excited to go back.

Bonus round – caught up with and hung out with some really awesome people. Met some new folks, equally awesome. There were a lot of nice experiences, because you know it can go either way (as hard as possible) when you go somewhere you’ve never been. We should have taken more photos together but it just didn’t happen. Ate some good food, saw some good scenery. Here’s a shot of some of the sushi from Moira, SO good.

The new Juxtapoz issue arrived in my mailbox recently, and this morning it was in my hot little hands. Time to peruse, finish my tea, get some sleep. Yoga and creation would be nice but I’m an old lady and need to be asleep sooner rather than later, snuggled under large fur blankets and sleeping bags.

Wait, maybe that just means I’m going into Hibernation.



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