All I Wanted Was Some Pho

I once said (out loud) that I wanted to learn to make pho. A friend of the Asian Persuasion – in between laughing – begged me to stop even CONSIDERING that nonsense and hustle on down to the local Pho King or Pho Hoa or Pho Cali ….anywhere but my own kitchen. The hassle wouldn’t be worth it.

Today was all about recuperating from some weird bug. Skipping the details of how my stomach decided to randomly empty out everything in it, my food/beverage choices were limited for the day to things of bland and simple variety. Some toast with apple butter, some tea, some udon noodles with sauteed mushrooms.

It’s such an easy dish. You boil water, you drop the noodles in for four minutes. Mushrooms are sauteed in a little veggie oil and soy sauce. When your noodles are done you drain them and toss in the mushrooms and ta-da: a small bowl of easy-on-the-tummy food. Nothing major, probably far better than canned chicken noodle soup, but not terrible. Still not feeling great but we’ll see how the evening goes.

I’m trying to feel better for this art show on Friday. It’s a low-key evening but I still want to be able to feel social. Also I really need to complete this robot painting, which means I have one evening, maybe two.

I just found ballet classes at a nearby place ($96 for 8 classes per month), and really would like to attend. Of course they’re Tuesday & Wednesday nights, so … if my stomach gives me the thumbs up then I’ll be doing that tomorrow night until 8:15. I really do miss dance classes. But I may skip it until next week and spend the extra day trying to work on finishing up this less-than-halfway-done robot. Robanesh, I’m calling it.

All I feel like doing right now is finishing this glass of water and going to sleep. Awesome! I leave you with a recent Freshly Pressed Link of Win:

Still Life


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