Tea and Cocoa

it’s one of those days. the fog, there with my alarm, has hung around most of the day. it slouched off around lunchtime and returned an hour or so later, presumably after a sandwich and glass of something warm.

drew up a sketch of dr. doom. it came out alright technically, but it’s missing something. a soul, a showing of emotion. the vibe of General Evil is lacking. just adding in some shadow and 3d effects does not a solid piece make, but i have to keep trying.

it’s been a slow day at the office. had a brief rush of processing paperwork and cash this morning but, like the tide, the boaters are rolling out. the season is over. saturdays here now remind me of a closed-down fair; dismantled rides looking blankly up at the grey sky. i don’t like to walk around the marina much anymore these days for reasons that can’t be explained, although i’d bet it would rev my creative engine to do it.

less than an hour to go and then it’s my weekend.

i think this calls for a beer.


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