It Was A Dark And Stormy ….Knight?

Tuesday evening, at random, J asked me to paint him a batman. It wasn’t “The Batman”, all Dark-Knight-capitalized, but just a batman. He wanted to see my spin on it, so I tried to get something going.

Phase 1, 11″x17″ – sketch on canvas:

Phase 2 – acrylic attempts at underpainting

Part of me is feeling rather doubtful about this whole thing because A) I’m not a comic artist and B) feel like I’m making a mockery of something classic and cool. But he did ask for it, and specifically with my spin, so I will soldier on. He likes what’s gone on so far and has also asked for a spawn (A Spawn) when this is done, so we’ll see how it comes out. Part of me likes what’s happened so far and part of me feels like any further progress will severely screw it up, but who knows.

….3 hours later….

A not-so-great phone photo of the completed painting:

In other news, NEXT WEEK I GET TO MEET ANTHONY BOURDAIN AND I AM STILL SUPER EXCITED! 😀 Oh, and for some reason they threw in an extra VIP laminate, so ……….. I’m considering which friends would roshambo each other for it. This is gonna be an awesome Halloween weekend.


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