Cranky Pants

I was just sitting here, thinking of what to write – but mostly wanting brownies and a cold glass of milk – when I saw Ali’s Thankful Things Thursday. She’s all “YAY! BE JOYOUS! BE THANKFUL! WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR?!!?” right about the time I was seriously considering eating White Trash Fudge* and washing that down with some milk, when her inquiry into what things that us folks out there on the internet are thankful for occurred.

First off, I got really nauseous last night and ended up lying on the cool tile floor for a long time, trying not to vomit. No vomiting occurred, so I am thankful for that.

Today my option was to call in sick to work (at 6AM). I’m thankful for feeling quite a bit better than last night (though I’m not anywhere near 100%; more like 75%). I’m thankful for being able to call in sick because it would have been difficult to get through the day today.

I’m thankful for the fluffy cat lying here next to my laptop.

I’m thankful for the Sims, because they provide me with hours of entertainment, and after this post goes live that’s what I’ll be doing.

What are you thankful for?

*White Trash Fudge: Get a can of chocolate buttercream frosting. Get a spoon. Open can, insert spoon, deliver goods to mouth. Repeat until weeping occurs.


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