My Tuesday Night Fight With The Laundry Monster

I was going to tell you all about my fights with Laundry Monster, something I was reminded by after seeing the Laundry Post on YogaJournal.

Or mention the Yoga Flash Mob, which I don’t think is a good idea, but was wasting my time thinking “OMG DOES THAT MAKE ME ANTI YOGA OR JUST ANTI PEOPLE”, so I decided not to care either way. The mob wasn’t my idea, it will happen either way.

Then I saw the Freshly Pressed How To Dress: A Guide For Young People, and ruminate on my recent thoughts of steampunk and dressing and why in the world people decide that sagging your pants to show your ENTIRE underwear is still a thing. (Why is that a thing? That should not be a thing.

Then the FP Homemade Halloween Decorations caught my eye and reminded me of A) Halloween (!!!!!) and B) making little Kleenex ghosts and hanging them from the ceiling fan when I was little.

Instead I decided to look at some RageToons, which you may not want to look at during work if you’re somewhere that wouldn’t really appreciate you having The F Word in big font at the top of the page), read a book, and OMGKITTY!!!!!!!!!!!


Enjoy your evening.


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