Cookie Brownie Victory

Every time I start a post, it’s with the anticipation of getting a feeling out of my head and onto paper. Yes, it’s digital, but it’s still the same principle. So why is it that every time I open a new screen, all the words in my head go away? They’re like kittens, shying away into the darker corners under the bed.

You guys know what else? IT’S FALL. I’m not going to Google the exact date, but I think it happened somewhere around September 21. My favorite favorite season ever, and it only seems to last for a few brief weeks before it’s cold and awful.

Wait, who am I kidding? I live in San Diego!!!

It sometimes gets down to a blustery 40 degrees here, which is cold for SD but tropical for the rest of the country when you’re comparatively speaking about January evenings. When the weather is chilly enough to make me swap my flip-flops for socks, that means it’s time for one of my favorite activities: BAKING. I started it up early this afternoon by trying my hand at some Cookie Brownies. They’ve never been attempted or tasted in my home before, so there’s no time like the present.

Will they come out the way they do on the box? Who knows. Half of the fun was taste-testing the batter, which was delicious, so they hopefully will turn out to be edible. I accidentally added an extra egg, which makes for an eyebrow raise.

Let’s go check on them, shall we?

For a first attempt, not bad at all. They are a smidge on the less-chocolate-y/dry side, but with a cold glass of milk they’re pretty wonderful. Note to self: only 1 egg, not 1 egg per layer. Next up I’ll attempt a fudge marble cake.

I also did apparently jinx the labyrinthitis by talking about it. The past few days have sucked royally. Today isn’t really much better.


6 thoughts on “Cookie Brownie Victory

  1. Lauren says:

    Cookie… brownies? That makes me want to put all my favorite foods together into one major superamazing food. Except coconut ice cream pasta pineapple peanut butter burritos might not be as much of a success.

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