Not A Solution, But At Least An Answer

Diagnosis, at present, is labyrinthitis.

You know… if I’m going to have a shitty disorder, it might as well have a cool name. Or something.

In any case, it’s nice to see that I’m not crazy, that this really is a thing. It doesn’t make it any more pleasant, but at least it’s real. It also is nice to understand why it feels like there’s a ……radio next to my head. Or something. Sounds are higher pitched right now and everything sounds just a little on the metallic side. Loud noises are really tough to deal with. Randomly it will just feel like someone came up behind me and shoved my head off to the side.

The whole thing is very much like a low grade sort of drunkenness. I’ve got good days and bad days. The good days are where I can function normally and have very minimal nausea or tiredness; no walking into things.

The bad days feel like a constant low key motion sickness, with a lot of brain fog. It’s hard to visually focus on anything and feels like I just stopped spinning around for no apparent reason. I’ll bump into things at random, have trouble with motor skills, and find myself staring into space. Conversations are kind of difficult. My words get mixed up, or I can’t get sentences out properly. My typing goes to hell and lots of things get misspelled if I’m not careful. I really, REALLY want to lie down and take a nap. It’s frustrating because there’s nothing to see – it’s one of those “invisible illnesses”. The bad days have bumped up my depression quite a bit.

The best part is that my job is a front desk job, and on the side I do e-marketing/SEO/web development/social media/etc stuff for the company’s website. Clearly nothing that involves typing or talking with people. :((

It’s really awful. It isn’t permanent though, but can last anywhere from 8 weeks to a year.

What’s not awful is knowing other people are going through this.

Currently awaiting a referral from my doctor for an ENT specialist, so we’ll go from there.

Bright note: I’d much rather my hearing go than my sight. It’s the little things.


3 thoughts on “Not A Solution, But At Least An Answer

  1. meredithelaine says:

    Oh sweetie! I had no idea. Let me know if there’s anything I can do, and definitely keep me posted on how things are going, okay? xox

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