Rabbits Are Creepy

Do you guys remember the Skittles commercial with the singing rabbit? No? Because every time I’ve posed that question prior to now, no one remembers, everyone says I’ve lost my mind, and the internet turns up nothing.

You know what I’ve found?


So there!!!!! THERE IT IS. Skittles also put out a Sheep Boys commercial, which is still a little off, but not bad. Kudos to you, Skittles, for being mildly creepy and managing to make me want to buy your product. Who do you have directing your shoots – Guillermo del Toro? Mark Ryden? Creepy bastards. Good job!

Oh, and in other news, you know how bunnies are all cute and adorable?

That’s cool.

You know what their mouths look like?

Not cool, that’s what. Rabbit mouth. You’re welcome, Nightmare Machine.


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