Post No Bills

A lot of my week has been like this:

It might have started last week. Saturday was ultra busy. Busy enough to keep me at the office from 8:20AM until ten …at night. TEN. 2200! I was so over it that doing the math to get the correct military time was just unfathomable, but anyway, it was late. Got my project done, but at what expense? Not to get reprimanded upon my Tuesday return? There was no “good job”. Just this sense of “why are you trying to change things”, and I ended up getting reprimanded for something else.

Maybe twice in the nearly-five-years at this job has a sincere “good job” come my way. But I’m not getting paid to hear compliments, I’m getting paid to run a front desk, to work on a website, and provide good customer service. In that order, methinks.

Aside from always being asked to make eight different things the first order of business, I do honestly like my job. That’s not just words being typed, it’s true.

It’s also why I’m blogging early today. Unsure where to start my day. There’s a cup of nearly black coffee, just a touch of creamer to take away that Office Coffee taste, but not enough to make it a good cup of coffee. It makes me functional. What doesn’t make me functional is how the dentist’s bill was a good $300 more than I anticipated, and therefore my debit card declined at the grocery store yesterday. If my colleague doesn’t cash the check I gave him and pay me the money he owes me, I will have no money until Friday, and enough gas only to get home today. I don’t want to think about how Verizon won’t stop calling me (and my bill is only ten days past due, YES I KNOW I OWE YOU GUYS), how my car payment might not have gone through, how a big chunk of the cash he gives me will only be used to pay overdraft fees.


Let’s discuss something better. Like art.

Fact: This man is AMAZING. Every time I pick up a pen or pencil to do even the smallest thing, I do it with the thought of hoping he’ll someday see and be all “GIRL Y U SO AMAZIN”.

So go watch that video, and appreciate the hours and hours and hours of work just put into this one piece of work. The canvas is LARGE. Maybe 6′ x 5′? Apologies for not looking up the specs, but the details have floored me. The highlights, the washes for shadow and texture. Just ……….. wow.

Nature vs Nurture - by Greg Craola Simkins

In other news, my coworker gave me some shoes today that she bought and didn’t really like or want to wear. They’re a little big but fine just to wear around the office, and now the only brown pair of shoes I own. My toenail polish is ALL jacked up, but hey – I’m more than just a bad pedicure. Or something. Anyway, they make me taller.

Time for more coffee. Have a good morning.


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