We’ve been making some serious headway towards completion of The Master Bath. Yes, our house has only one bathroom. Yes, it’s been completely renovated. Yes, it is the crowning jewel of the home… for now. Crossing my fingers on the upstairs addition of YogaArtSpace. But for 2011, the bathroom is the centerpiece.

The current dilemma is getting a new sink. I had no idea that sinks and vanities were two separate things, nor did I realize the extensive selections. Basin or vessel? Movable drawers or false front? Pedastal or cabinet? Off-centered faucet or centered? Oh, speaking of faucets, what do you think about those waterfall single-levers? (Besides the fact that they are AWESOME.)

It’s exhausting. We also have a really …unique space. The size of the room where the sink & toilet go is close to powder room size. There’s a weird notch of wall that comes out (where the vent was), and between wall and door frame the width can’t exceed 21.5″. Most of the stuff we’ve looked at is 22″.

So that led us into thinking …what about wall-mounted sinks and building shelves (or upper cabinets) above the toilet? The good thing about all this (besides the part where the bathroom is going to be a sweet finished product) is getting to browse all the designs. Part of me really REALLY loves modern, part of me really REALLY loves the art deco look with all the flourishes. Of course that means that everything has to be cu$tom. *sigh*

LOVE. This is kind of what we have, sans rocks. And plants.

In browsing, I came across some fun links though. Here, for your reference and mine:

Emergency Cocktail Station – reminds me of something from Korova Milk Bar. Approved!

Wooden sinks. WOODEN. That design idea really appeals to me, especially the wood with the black vessel on top.

The Millionaire’s Guide to Kitchen & Bath Renovation – very interesting sinks in there. Digging the tall vessel sink and also the in-vessel faucet.

Look at this clawfoot tub!!!

Small space idea, good use of vertical space.

Two things. If I could fit a chandelier in the bathroom, I would, and the soaking tub is the essence of relaxation. Very nice.


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