Another Day, Another Garden

Thanks to an actual visit to a doctor and then Urgent Care, the medicated cocktail they have me on is making me feel NORMAL. It’s hot in the house and my body is functioning like a normal person’s! I’m upright! I can do things! ALL THE THINGS!!!

Okay, maybe not *all* the things, but enough things to make me happy. For example, something easy to do (and relaxing): make my first succulent potted garden. They are sans deco-rocks right now because I don’t feel like going to buy much of anything, let alone making a trip to everyone’s favorite Home Improvement Store, but I’ll do that this weekend. It also makes me think… these are fairly inexpensive to make, and can end up being really pretty and alien-life-form-esque. So… would people buy them? I don’t see why not. People will buy anything. If they don’t buy them, they’ll just sit around making my house look pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚


My wedding centerpieces were A) super cheap and B) something I crafted up on my own. The plants were under $2/each, the glass cubes were either $1.50 or $3 at a local wholesale shop, the sand was FREE (filled up the cubes myself at a nearby beach), and the books were roughly two bucks each.

That’s right. I went to Home Depot and snagged plants that (after the event) could be planted at my house. Which they are. Eight of the twelve have survived – four of the twelve died because animals dug them up. So the other day, when we got ceiling fans, the antique glass light cover domes ended up sitting around the house, not doing anything in particular. Definitely not covering the bare light bulbs as they had done for who knows how many years (in this 1930’s house).

Then my own mental light bulb clicked on: they were perfect to repurpose into rescue bowls – finally, the remaining succulents would have a fairly safe home. AWESOME. ๐Ÿ™‚ The Rescue Bowls are now chillin’ on the patio table with the other item I used as a display table piece, another succulent collection that is doing well. ๐Ÿ™‚

So here’s what I did.

This little guy I saved from Wanda's corsage - yay, he's still alive, and doing better!

But: would you buy a succulent garden? Low maintenance. Low water. Basically just make sure it’s got a decent drainage hole in the pot and you can’t really kill them.

I also just remembered my other blog, “Domesticity” (, which was going to be my main blog about home-owning and the adventures that come with it. Then I decided that it’s just easier to write about everything over here. My yoga, my fitness, my recipes, my rants, my home-provements, my stuff. Once nice neat little package.

So there you are. Have a lovely day. ๐Ÿ™‚


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