Feeling a smidgen better today. Have spent the majority of the day only mildly nauseous, though if I move too quickly things start to spin. That’s also probably due to not eating very much. Usually evenings are tougher

The only yoga that happened yesterday was a few moments of reclined bound angle pose, mostly to try and help me relax. Also lots of breathing while trying to be less sick. It was terrible, but hey.

Yesterday’s lesson? Take it easy, take care of myself.

Today my goal – since I took a sick day from work – has been to figure out what foods are going to be okay. It’s one thing to say, “Oh, you can’t have X / Y / Z”, but …what *can* you have? Turns out there are many foods I can have, the toughest part is going to be A) taking more time to prep food and B) remembering to have approved food on hand so I don’t screw up and go to McDonald’s or something. Luckily there is a market close to my house where most of the produce can be purchased cheaply. Also: I really want ceviche. The citrus juices in it are not going to be great for me but I can have it minimally.

I’ve found several pages for people that are eating low-carb / Atkins style / diabetic-friendly / raw / vegan / veg-friendly, so at the moment my Google Docs has at least a page of stuff I can eat. Which is good. Just reminding myself to focus on what I can have, rather than what I can’t. One of the hardest things will be – when it gets colder – warm flavored coffee drinks. Like soy white mochas or soy chai lattes. The ritual of getting those from Starbucks, while good neither for my waistline or my wallet, is one very deeply ingrained. So I’ll need to research if they can do sugar-free or what. They seem to be very open about their ingredients, so it doesn’t hurt. More importantly: if I go out for coffee with friends, one of my most favorite things, that usually involves a sweet drink and maybe a piece of cake. So…..yeah. It will be tough, but I will do it, and it’s for the best.

//begin rant about crash diets and how much people who always turn to them irritate me\\
rant rant rant rant erased rant rant rant rant
//end rant\\

Ergh. So….. somebody right now is saying “but you’re going on a crash diet” or “all you talk about is food”. This is different. While I’ve been slowly cutting out the garbage (do I need to eat artificial sweetener? No.), having a dentist say “Hey, no sugar for you, four months, or else the hundreds of dollars you’re going to be paying will just go to waste” is a whole different thing. It will screw up all the treatments and I’ll be back to square one: crappy teeth and feeling like the best thing to do would be curl up and die.

Additionally, yes, I talk about food all the time. I’m obsessed with it, with the art of preparation, with the beauty of the final product. Awhile back, one of my posts was on how it’s probably Bourdain’s fault that I’m a foodie. Or want to be a foodie, whatever. But I’ve never been a crash dieter and that’s what counts here.

Sorry for the crankiness, here’s hoping your day is better than mine.


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