Today was rough. I’ve been sick almost the whole day. Finally made it in to see the dentist and discovered that I’ve got some lovely gingivitis and perio issues that have been dumping toxins into my blood like it’s Fourth of July and all they want to do is put on some fireworks. So ….. yeah. Sick is kind of a way to put it. Snagged some amoxicillin and took my first dose. Next appointment – 8/15/11. Hoping to get better instead of worse, sooner rather than later. I want to vomit EVERYWHERE but that won’t really help keep the antibiotics down, will it. No.

Additionally awesome news: no sugar, no alcohol for the next four months. None nada nunca zip zero. Not just sugar like you put in coffee or in chocolate, but like… fruit. The bacteria will screw up the procedures the dentist will be doing. I get to have some natural sugars (like fruit) as long as I basically scrub out and rinse out my mouth immediately afterward.

Another great side effect I haven’t been talking about is how lightheaded I feel, and also how I’m kind of hallucinating. Not the full on “voices in my head” but more like “what was that in my peripherals” stuff. it sucks. okay. back to lying down.

I need to go lie down again, this whole staying upright thing is tough. Time for more water.


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