Fresh Start Phase 2

Yesterday was the first day of my personal yoga challenge, and I managed to get in 20 minutes of relaxing poses. Nothing too strenuous as the house was super muggy, but it was nice to stretch out on the cool floor.

Tonight is a session over at Ginseng Yoga, my first class with Laura Dasi, who has an AMAZING FLAWLESS GRACEFUL video on her own site that I can’t stop watching. Very nice. Reports on the class forthcoming. ๐Ÿ™‚

—–Later That Evening—–

Home now. Fed. Showered. It was an eye-opening class. The instructor moves like music. Fluid, graceful, everything I want to be. There’s not a real way to explain it, other than… when I dance, the way it feels is the same as the way she moves. Just awesome. It was liquid art.

Spent more than a few moments being hard on myself for being overweight and out of shape (compared to everyone else in the relatively small class). There were hurdles to get over. But I’m going to reflect on it – and all my upcoming sessions – to remind myself that it’s okay to fall. And I’m going to try not to become some …overzealous hippie. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s all just intriguing, exciting. I think I’m finding myself.

Anyway! Class review:

+ Showed up.
+ The studio was too warm for me at first.
– Had a hard time resisting the need to rush out into fresh air.
+ Sat quietly and focused, felt better.
+/- All the classes I’ve taken so far (at gyms) have only prepared me for what I consider my first “real” class.
+ Sweat a lot.
+/- Was shaking a lot.
+ Wanted to sit and just watch the instructor, it was like a dance. Fantastic to watch.
– The size of my …chestal region is not really suited for things like yoga, even with a sports bra.
– Hurt my thumb.
– Was the only member of class to take a break in Child’s Pose.
+ Remembered it’s okay to take a break in Child’s Pose.
+ Was able to do a Plow Pose!
++ Was almost able to do a shoulderstand!! [That’s right, I gave myself two bonus points. ๐Ÿ™‚ ]
+ Instructor gave me minimal adjustment
– Spent a lot of time wanting to be better and not feel like the out of shape, overweight beginner.
+ Remembered a few extra poses for practice outside of class.

– 7 + 13

Every day for the next month, I’m going to try and figure out which lesson my practice held for me. For today… I am not a fan of that whole feeling of paranoia, where it seems like the whole class (including the instructor) is staring at me, pitying me for being so terrible, but I am trying really hard to push it down and focus. In short, today’s lesson: showing up is the most important step. Go, focus. Breathe. Repeat.


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